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Orange County announces procedure for donating protective equipment supplies for healthcare providers

On Wednesday, March 25, Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) began accepting donations of protective equipment and supplies for use by healthcare providers throughout the county.

At this time HCA will only be accepting donations from corporations and businesses. The following types of protective medical supplies will be accepted in only new and unopened containers and boxes:

  • N-95, surgical masks and face shields (all sizes)
  • Disposable gloves (all sizes)
  • Eye protection
  • Medical gowns: Disposable gowns and isolation gowns
  • Antibacterial and disinfecting wipes

The donation requests will be made to the EOC. Personnel will screen the request, and if the criteria is met, the donation will be forwarded to the Orange County Health Care Agency for further vetting. Donations will be stored in a temperature-controlled environment prior to distribution.

Businesses that would like to donate can call the Orange County Public Information Hotline at (714) 628-7085.
For general information about COVID-19, please call the OC Health Care Agency’s (HCA) Health Referral Line at (800) 564-8448, visit http://www.ochealthinfo.com/novelcoronavirus, or follow the HCA on Facebook (@ochealthinfo) and Twitter (@ochealth).

For non-medical questions, contact the County of Orange Public Information Hotline at (714) 628-7085.

This article was released by the Orange County Operation Area Emergency Operations Center.