featured graphic for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange after Covid-19

LMU sets up distance learning with 41 schools and 18,000 students in 72 hours

A unique partnership with Loyola Marymount University enabled Orange County’s 41-campus system of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orange to make the rapid switch to online learning – in less than 72 hours.

An emergency meeting with all principals was held on Friday, March 13. It was decided that schools would shut down Monday, March 16. On March 19, after a round-the-clock effort, distance learning went live across all 41 parochial schools consisting of 18,000 students – just three days from the school closure announcement.

With a robust technology-infused program already in place at LMU, their team of professionally trained learning developers was able to deliver the tools, resources and best practices needed to seamlessly and quickly make the transition happen. The distance learning program includes:

  • Remote learning platforms
  • 1:1 technology for students
  • Complimentary iPads or Chromebooks to facilitate online learning (as needed)
  • Daily video messages from grade level teachers
  • Flexible learning time to facilitate working parents
  • Virtual tutoring from local Catholic high school students

This is significant news as the partnership is the largest distance learning program LMU has ever had to date. To our knowledge, no other university has brought an entire school system like this online in such a short amount of time. What’s more, the feedback from parents has been resoundingly positive (based on survey results). Below is a testimonial received (with more coming in daily).

“Good Morning Mrs. Cameron,

I was watching the news this morning and they have a segment on local heroes and today they highlighted a school where 100% of their teachers just started teachers distant learning. I thought to myself why aren’t the Christ Cathedral Academy teachers on here? I feel like you and your teachers wasted no time at all with putting together a distant learning program. Please know that The Nocon Family recognize all the effort that you and your staff are putting into this distant learning program and that we are so thankful to have our kids enrolled in your school. Please share this letter with your teachers but especially Miss Brady and Mrs. Llewellyn and let them know we are thankful and very appreciative of all their efforts. Thank you again and I hope you all are staying safe.”

This article was released by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.