Union Bank closes some lobbies, limits entry to others

When staff members of Orange County Breeze Cloud Headquarters visited the Cypress branch of Union Bank to make a deposit and ask a question, they discovered that the lobby was closed and would remain closed indefinitely in response to COVID-19.

The ATM and drive-through window were still open.

They made a deposit using the drive-through window, and asked the question: how do we change the address on the business account for Orange County Breeze?

As we announced mid way through March, we closed Orange County Breeze World Headquarters and went virtual. Our new “office” is Post Office Box 1132 in Los Alamitos. Otherwise, we work from home or in the field.

The Union Bank online banking portal would not allow us to update the account address, so we asked.

The answer came back: Go in person with identification to one of the listed locations that have limited lobby hours.

A printed list was provided:

  • Buena Park: 8301 La Palma Avenue
  • Long Beach: 5430 East 2nd Street
  • Garden Grove: 11900 Brookhurst Street
  • Huntington Beach: 19240 Goldenwest Street
  • Fountain Valley: 18175 Brookhurst Street

So this morning at 10 a.m. found us in a short line outside the Buena Park branch, waiting to get in while maintaining social distancing. (Spacing is marked on the sidewalk.) We noted a remarkable number of lizards and birds in the grounds outside the lobby entrance, and the backup in the drive-through for Starbucks blocked our pulling out of our parking space when we were ready to leave! Also: quiet! Hardly any traffic noise, even that close to the 91 Freeway, and right alongside La Palma Avenue. The birds chattering were noisier.

I was allowed inside only when a teller was free to immediately help. The service was quick and courteous. Thanks! (The teller’s immediate family is expecting an imminent birth. That’s a tough choice: home birth, or go to a hospital chuckful of COVID-19 patients? Yikes. We hope and pray that all goes well.)

The moral of the story in this Time of COVID-19: don’t assume your destination is open! Maintain social distancing. Keep a sense of humor.

Stay safe, stay healthy.