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Lestonnac Free Clinic helps fellow non-profits share scarce resources

Amidst the growing supply shortages from COVID-19, Lestonnac Free Clinic is facilitating solutions to work together. Our free electronic referral tool, the Community Referral Network (CRN), now has an option for community clinics and non-profit organizations to share their stores of supplies.

A high volume of requests for personal protective equipment (PPE), facility items (paper towels, bleach, cleaning supplies), and various other supplies agencies need to continue caring for their clients have already been fulfilled through CRN.

Within hours of opening this new referral option, the requests began pouring in. Since March 23, thirteen facilities were aided through 27 completed referrals.

Listing of completed referrals for members of Lestonnac Free Clinic’s Community Referral Network. Image courtes of Lestonnac Free Clinic. Used with permision.

The Community Referral Network is a HIPPA compliant, web-based referral tool currently used by 170+ clinical and social service agencies in Southern California. It is completely free to use.

In addition to being a platform for non-profit organizations to share supplies, the Community Referral Network allows agencies to send and receive referrals for over 300 low or no-cost clinical and social services on behalf of their clients. Referral types include Social Services (where agencies can refer out for free medical/dental care, housing support, food assistance and more), eConsult, Specialty Care, and Surgical Waitlist. Referrals for Lestonnac Free Clinic’s FREE Veterans dental program, which provides free fillings, extractions, bridges, crowns, and dentures for veterans, are particularly popular in CRN. Agencies in the Community Referral Network either refer for services, receive referrals, or both. It is up to each agency how they choose to use the platform.

For more information about this initiative and the impact being made in the community, please contact us:

Lestonnac Free Clinic
1215 E. Chapman Ave. | Orange, CA 92866

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