Are you Zooming to keep in touch during the COVID-19 lockdown?

I had heard of Zoom earlier this year, but my first extended use of Zoom was for a meeting of a local board of directors.

Worked slick.

Then I noticed that news videos were being recorded using Zoom.

So I promised myself to look more deeply into Zoom in addition to Photo Booth and iMovie.

Then a cautionary email landed in my inbox: Zoom had vulnerabilities. Security holes. Lax privacy enforcement.


Finally, I received a note from Wordfence, a company that specializes in monitoring websites for security problems.

Seems that, because Zoom has become a go-to online tool for Covid-19 interconnectedness, the folks at Wordfence have created a guide to using it more safely: Safety and Security While Video Conferencing with Zoom.

The guide opens with a talk about (and links to longer descriptions of) some of the uncovered security holes, and notes “Zoom announced that they’re freezing all new feature development to focus on security and privacy.”

WordFence wryly notes:

With all of these news stories, is it possible to have a safe video conference? Are some platforms safer than others? Why is Zoom so popular even though it has been plagued by so many security and privacy issues?

They offer a video about security settings in Zoom:

Steps to take to secure your online videoconference if you’re the host are described: use of passwords, not sharing links on social media, muting participants as they join, requiring passwords…

Recommendations are also made to more securely participate if you’re not the host… including turning off video so nobody can see you.

There is also a discussion of how to handle allowing children to use Zoom.

Read the entire article!

Stay safe, stay healthy!