State Senator Moorlach gets to say "I told you so!" over California's attempted end-run around recent changes to federal tax law.

California Department of Consumer Affairs waives rules against graduation of nursing students

Senator John M. W. Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) today issued the following statement applauding the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ (DCA) decision to waive rules that were prohibiting nursing students from graduating because they couldn’t get the requisite supervised instruction in hospitals and clinical settings amid stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“I am overjoyed to learn that the Department of Consumer Affairs answered the call of thousands of nursing students across the state last night and temporarily waived the strict regulations that were prohibiting nursing students from graduating.

“More nurses are a critical asset in the fight to stop COVID-19. I was proud to lead this effort in the Legislature and look forward to continuing to work with nurses and nursing schools on permanent licensing reform that puts access to care before needless bureaucracy.”

Moorlach was the first member of the Legislature to call on the governor and DCA to waive the direct-patient-care clinical hour requirements. He was joined in this effort by nursing schools and student organizations across California. Nearly 20 legislators followed Moorlach’s lead and joined his call for action. The original letter to DCA is available on his website, at this link.

The article above was released by the Office of California State Senator John Moorlach.

About California State Senator John Moorlach

State Senator John M. W. Moorlach represents the 37th district of California which encompasses Costa Mesa, Irvine, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Tustin, Villa Park, and portions of Anaheim, Huntington Beach, and Orange. Senator Moorlach is a trained Certified Financial Planner and the only trained CPA in the California Senate.

Text of news release from California Department of Consumer Affairs

The following statement was released by the California Department of Consumer Affairs on Friday, April 3, 2020:

Exercising the authority under Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order N-39-20 (pdf), the director of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) waived restrictions on nursing student clinical hours. This waiver will allow approximately 9,000 nursing students to complete their clinical trainingprograms, someof which have been discontinued by nursing programs and health care facilities.

“We are sympathetic to the predicament nursing students are in during this time of uncertainty,” said DCA Director Kimberly Kirchmeyer. “It was necessary to waive these requirements tomeet the ongoing needs of California’s health care system and allow nursing students to graduate on time.

”Specifically, the waiver will automatically reduce the requirement that clinical hours be in direct patient care from 75% down to 50% for nursing students in obstetrics, pediatrics, and mental health/psychiatric courses. For nursing students in geriatrics and medical-surgical courses, the waiver allows up to 50% of patient care through simulation or lab training provided that certain conditions are met. One condition is that the school demonstrates that its students were truly displaced. Another condition is that the school must demonstrate that it cannot find an alternative site for students to complete the hours in direct patient care.

DCA encourages health care facilities to work with nursing programs to find placements for these nursing students to assist with the COVID-19 crisis. The Department of Consumer Affairs is working hand in hand with its healing arts licensing boards to determine which licensing requirement waivers would allow individuals to continue assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the full waiver (pdf) and see a list of current waivers on the DCA website.