Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network sadly reports on deaths in the BRAIN family

I have been attempting to keep us all together by my emails that have been meant to inspire and comfort. I want to share with you about some sad news.

The past month has been very difficult for all of us to remain healthy, positive, hopeful and disciplined. For four of our families at B.R.A.I.N., this time has been nearly unbearable and certainly difficult to believe.

Paul Tayne was a strong, enthusiastic and lively man who loved to come to FBI and potlucks that we hosted. Though he lived with a stoke for many years, he always had a positive answer for everything, and part of his answer was always Jesus. He had 4th stage cancer of the lung and had a mass in his right lung. Pneumonia and a cadre of other complications put him home in Fountain Valley on March 4th unable to talk or swallow. The miracle was he was kept comfortable without pain until he left this earth on March 9th. We pray for his family, especially his dutiful wife, Margie. Tentative service plan is for May 30th.

Mike Dyott, a survivor, a friend and a part of a men’s group held here at B.R.A.I.N. breathed his last breath in his own home on March 19th. I had many talks with Mike and learned about his interesting life. He certainly didn’t look his age. He was a donor of B.R.A.I.N. and we always appreciated his help. He lived in his own apartment and had a caregiver for a variety of health issues. His vitals were taken. They were right on target. He got up to use the restroom and his heart gave out after 85 years of high impact activity. He leaves a daughter, Eve and a son, Jeff. We will miss Mike and we pray for his family. A service will follow when appropriate.

Gary Augustine was a strong, sweet, intelligent man who being a veteran, enjoyed many therapies at B.R.A.I.N. His recent joining of the choir brought him such joy. He loved looking at the FBI Christmas picture in the hallway and wanted to see his picture there. So, the new picture was taken last December and thanks to Angela, he got a copy of it with him as an integral part of the choir. He was progressing physically and emotionally so it was a huge shock to all of us when the Lord took him home on March 28th. We pray for Mary as she misses her dear husband.

Yesterday, I was in Sprouts and received a call from John and Jeanne Finn’s daughter, Claudia. John fell and broke his hip 3 weeks ago. He had the surgery and was progressing at a wonderful rate. He was in Belmont Rehab Center getting his physical strength back. Jeanne and John spoke daily and longed to be together soon. Last night, after telling her he loved her and she replied, “I love you too,” He said his usual, “Thank You.” Yesterday morning, the rehab center moved him to St. Mary’s Hospital as he had contracted pneumonia. 6 hours later, Jeanne got the news that her “Hunk of Heaven” was literally in Heaven April 4th. Jeanne is the same strong, sweet and opinionated lady that John married. She remains grateful to God for taking John so he didn’t have to be in an elongated period of sickness. We pray for and love you, Jeanne.

As Jeanne Finn told me yesterday, “We gotta keep going. We aren’t done yet.” Based on that information, I want you as a B.R.A.I.N. family to know Kimberly Okabayashi is giving us a special deal through the month of May. Breathe and Balance will be online via Zoom on the computer. Download the app. It’s free. Let Kimberly know you want to participate, and she will email you the link for the week. It will remain at 9:30 a.m. on Mondays. Good News! It only will cost $5 a session for one and more than one in your family will be $10. What a deal. is where you will let her know you want to attend.

In closing, please pray for me and our staff, therapists, and volunteers. We all want to be together, yet we must take care together so we can meet soon.

We have postponed our Swing Fever until July 17th and hopefully that will be enough time to truly relax and enjoy one another. This has been a tough month for all of us. Stay strong. Keep your mind on the positive and help others.

The article above was released by the Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network (BRAIN).