Westminster School District meeting the essential needs of families

In an effort to support families during the school closures, Westminster School District has offered free grab-and-go school supplies for students. In the same fashion as the free grab-and-go meals, our families have picked up or will pick up supplies following a safe social distancing protocol.

Since Monday, March 30 and until April 6, the district will distribute free school supplies to kids ages 2 to 14. Westminster School District parents have registered to receive school supplies at the district’s website: www.wsdk8.us or through our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. After signing up, parents were called by district staff to make arrangements to pick up the supplies at their child’s school.

Over 1200 families have signed up for the free school supplies from all 17 schools in the district. Superintendent Dr. Cyndi Paik explained, “One of our primary goals while schools are closed is to meet all our student’s educational needs.”

Dr. Paik also shared, “Thank you for allowing us to support your family during this unprecedented situation. We understand the responsibility that comes with your trust in us. Together, we will persevere through this difficult time.”

This article was released by the Westminster School District.

Editor’s Note: We have learned that there were errors in this release. Once we have the updated information, we will adjust the article accordingly.