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VA Long Beach Healthcare System: Answer the call

VA Long Beach Healthcare system is looking for mission-driven clinicians to join our fight against COVID-19!

We are currently hiring individuals for a variety of specialties including Critical Care, Dialysis and Med Surge RN, NA/LVN, Health Tech, and Respiratory Therapist to name a few.

We are in unprecedented times and looking to our community of care providers to answer the call as our Veterans did when they served us. Now is your opportunity to not only thank our Veterans for their service, but to repay it!!

Current opportunities are temporary positions, not to exceed 13 months, but they may be filled as a permanent position based on VA needs.

Let our Veterans know you have their backs by sending your resume or CV to [email protected] for immediate consideration.

We are looking for candidates who are available to work immediately.

This article was released by the VA Long Beach Healthcare System.