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TeleTIP – How TIP is committed to ‘being there’

A Message from our Chief Executive Officer

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe. This is, and continues to be, an incredibly challenging time for everyone.

As we navigate through this unprecedented crisis, I want to assure our emergency response partners, volunteers, clients, donors and supporters that TIP is doing everything in our power to continue providing our 24/7 emotional and practical support services.

As soon as it became apparent that stay at home orders would be put in place in our communities, TIP’s crisis management team immediately developed and initiated a robust and valuable program we are calling TeleTIP. This new service is allowing us to continue to provide the excellent support services we are known for, but via telephone. We are continuing to serve our TIP communities and our emergency partners at a time when the expertise our volunteers provide is needed more than ever.

Each of our TIP affiliates across the country is continuing to connect with their emergency partners and clients within their communities, adapting the program as those needs may change. At this time, when physical human connections are so limited,
we are providing much needed emotional and practical support to our communities 24/7,
just as we always have.

Through TeleTIP:

We continue to assist our emergency partners and survivors when daily disasters occur by responding via telephone within 20 minutes.

We are connecting with hospitals to provide remote service to families whose loved one dies in the hospital, often times alone without family being able to be present.

TIP Volunteers are providing emotional and practical support to family members after the loss of a loved one.

We are sharing Covid-19 resources.

We are working with funeral homes who can refer distraught clients to TeleTIP.

TIP volunteers are speaking with citizens who may not have an emergency but are isolated and anxious.

TIP is partnering with other services like 211, Meals on Wheels, Senior Services, etc. to provide another avenue of support.

Connecting those in need to community resources such as counseling and support services.

We are offering TeleTIP services to overburdened hospital staff, emergency responders and other essential staff.

Now more than ever, our communities need the support TIP offers. Too many people are alone and isolated when a crisis happens. We are proud that our TIP volunteers are still able to “be there” at this unprecedented time of need in our country.

We remain committed to our mission of providing Emotional First Aid to survivors of tragedy in order to easy their immediate suffering and facilitating their healing and long term recovery.

And we honor those who are on the front lines of this pandemic, the doctors, nurses, emergency response workers and other essential staff. Together we will get through this crisis and come out on the other side, stronger and more connected to each other.

Be well, be safe and together we are flattening the curve.

This article was released by the Trauma Intervention Program.