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Seal Beach closes city-owned parking lots, requires face masks

Clarification Regarding the Updated City of Seal Beach Coronavirus Order:

City parking lots temporarily closed

From now until Monday morning, 6 a.m., the parking lots attached to the open areas (grassy areas) are closed.

Why? Crowd management. It’s a Holiday weekend and people who live here and visitors who want to come here will be out enjoying Seal Beach. Closing the lots at our parks and trails helps keep the crowds to a minimum. This is only temporary and the lots will re-open Monday morning.

Masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) required

PPE is now required for everyone out in public and within the city limits, conducting essential business.

Why? If you leave your house wearing PPE for essential activities (i.e. going to the store, work, the Post Office) within the city limits, it helps keep everyone, including you, safe. Until further notice if you’re out of the house or your vehicle and interacting with essential workers in Seal Beach, wear PPE.

What about when I’m doing non-essential activities like walking or exercising?

If you’re able to do it, wear a mask, a scarf, a bandana… something to cover your mouth. If anything, it shows you’re protecting yourself and everyone else. However, since it is not essential business, you’re not required to wear a mask.

The article above was released by the City of Seal Beach.


  1. Thank you city of Seal Beach for doing your part in protecting workers in essential businesses and the most vulnerable residents by requiring face masks for all!

  2. Masks should only be mandatory if someone is ill & in transit to doctor. They don’t prevent Covid 19 but they do prevent people from breathing properly

  3. while sitting in our car windows up 350 yards from anyone or more ..eating our lunch……we were told to leave as the lots are closed….this site says they are open effective this morning…. come on SB this isn’t rocket science…communicate with all departments….how hard is that…btw….channel 5 featured a story on SB telling us that the lots are open…..really Jill?.

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