On Holy Saturday Christians are called to wait without anticipating

The holy season of Lent leads Christians to relive the experience of the first disciples, puzzling over the sayings and actions of Jesus of Nazareth, asking questions, scratching their heads, gradually accepting alongside those disciples that he was more than merely human.

Then the Romans killed him.

Despite warnings from Jesus Himself that he was going to — that he had to — die, they did not expect his death.

If you can, try to imagine yourself on the edge of a cliff, looking toward a boundless horizon with all that you see apparently within your grasp… then somebody shoves you off.

The shove is the Crucifixion.

On Holy Saturday, you are still falling.

Christians, in the moment, should close their eyes and feel the loss without anticipating.

Feel the loss, know that you are falling, and whisper this prayer by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen:

Give to me, O Lord, an invicible hope; teach me to hope against all hope.