featured graphic for Cypress city news during COVID-19. Background photo by C.E.H. Wiedel. Seal of the City of Cypress courtesy of the City of Cypress.

Cypress Council forms ad hoc committee to look into helping non-profits

At the March 23 meeting of the Cypress City Council, Councilman Jon Peat requested help for non-profits that the City of Cypress has a history of supporting, such as the Boys & Girls Club, sports organizations, and the Cypress Art League.

The Council responded by directing City Manager Peter Grant to conduct a needs assessment of the non-profits and bring the result back to the Council.

At the April 13 meeting, Mr. Grant brought back the results, with answers from the non-profits to these emailed questions:

  1. Organization
  2. Contact person
  3. Contact email
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Status of your operations during the Governor’s stay-at-home order
  6. Impact of the stay-at-home order on your organization
  7. Estimated revenue loss from the stay-at-home order
  8. Operating costs during the stay-at-home order
  9. How might the city be able to support your organization and those you serve
  10. Please add any other information

Mr. Grant reported that the most frequently requested support was for rescheduling facility use — for instance, the Cypress Art League’s Spring art show has been rescheduled to the end of May.

The most detailed request came from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Anaheim-Cypress — a request for monetary support that included detailed financial information ranging from steps already taken to projections of budgetary red ink to hopeful expectations of starting Summer programs in June.

The Club is projecting a cumulative loss of $430,000 — this is after laying off 80% of the staff and slashing the salaries of remaining staff by 25%.

While asking for a significant monetary contribution from both Cypress and Anaheim, the Club also listed applications to other possible financial sources:

  • Paycheck Protection loan from the Small Business Administration
  • support from Southern California Gas, Tarsadia Foundation, Weingart Foundation, Allergan, and others

The Council voted to form an ad hoc committee to assess the needs of non-profit partners of the City of Cypress, and make recommendations on what can be done. In discussing who should serve on the committee, Mayor Rob Johnson asserted that because he and Mayor Pro Tem Mariellen Yarc are termed out this year, the committee members should be drawn from the remaining three Council members who are not termed out*.

Council members Stacy Berry and Paulo Morales agreed to serve on the committee, which was constituted to serve for the period of one year.

If your own situation allows, consider a monetary donation to the Boys & Girls Club, or one of the other many worthy local non-profits.

* Mayor Johnson did not mention that Councilman Jon Peat serves on the Board of the Boys & Girls Club, and could be construed as having a conflict of interest regarding the Club’s request for monetary support. It should be noted that most if not all the members of the City Council are also active in local non-profits.