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Young Kim raises over $560k in the first three months of election year

Coming off a strong primary election showing where she received more votes than incumbent Gil Cisneros, Young Kim announced she raised $560,000 over the first three months of 2020. Kim for Congress has repeatedly posted some of the strongest fundraising numbers in the country and out-raised liberal incumbent Gil Cisneros in the 2nd and 4th quarter of 2019.

Kim has raised nearly $1.9 million since she announced her campaign. On March 3rd, Kim finished the jungle primary as the top vote-getter, besting her opponent Gil Cisneros 48.3% to 46.9%. The results are an important benchmark and solidify the race for California’s 39th Congressional District as one of the most important and competitive in the country.

“Young’s impressive results on March 3rd and strong fundraising is a testament to the groundswell of grassroots support Young Kim has cultivated. Young’s message is resonating with voters and the people of the district are looking for new leadership to weather this crisis and get our economy back-on-track,” stated Sam Oh, general consultant to Young Kim for Congress.

This article was released by Young Kim for Congress.

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  1. Kim’s primary election vote total was fewer than 2% ahead of Cisneros who has raised $1.5M. I am a moderate constituent in the 39th District and have been so appreciative of Rep Cisneros work since he was elected to represent the entire district, regardless of party affiliation. Young Kim’s stated loyalty to Donald Trump and her willingness to oppose affordable health care horrifies me.

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