Habitat for Humanity of Orange County continues making homeownership dreams a reality

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County forges on to make families’ dreams of homeownership a reality. Two homes built by the affordable-housing organization are currently available for sale in Cypress and Fullerton, California. The home in Cypress is available to any family that meets the qualifications. The Fullerton home is a four-bedroom home available to a U.S. veteran or active duty military family.

Habitat OC also announced that it is set to complete four new homes by the end of the summer, just in time for families to move in before the new school year begins. The construction of these homes has gone uninterrupted thanks to the efforts of the organization’s construction staff and safety precautions during COVID-19.

In a time when homes are providing essential shelter, Habitat OC continues to provide affordable housing options for Orange County families in need. With each home built, Habitat OC is creating a community where all people have a safe place to live.

“In these uncertain times, Habitat OC knows that shelter is very important and essential to our Orange County community,” says Habitat OC President and CEO Sharon Ellis. “We will continue to be safe and use precaution while helping families in Orange County attain the American dream of homeownership.”

Habitat OC selects families based on three criteria:

1. Families must have a significant need for improved housing, such as:

a. Living in overcrowded, unhealthy conditions or in a dangerous neighborhood.

b. Housing costs are 30-35% or more of your monthly income.

c. Families living in subsidized or temporary housing may also be eligible.

2. A family’s source of income must be steady, verifiable and meet the following qualifications:

a. Able to pay a long-term mortgage, pay a 1-5% down payment and closing costs.

b. Gross income for all family members who will reside in the home will be reviewed. Gross income means earnings before taxes are taken out.

c. Citizens or permanent residents of the US, and live or work in Orange County.

d. Family has good credit and low debt.

3. Families must agree to partner with Habitat OC:

a. Attend classes

b. Attend/participate in events

c. Be a good neighbor

d. Be an advocate for Habitat OC

e. Help build homes

This article was released by Habitat for Humanity of Orange County.

Photo of Cypress home courtesy of Habitat for Humanity.