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The Youth Center offers free tutoring and scholarships during COVID-19 lockdown

Since establishing in 1952, The Youth Center has helped thousands of kids and their families get a leg up in school through our tutoring programs and making scholarships available for those in need.

The Youth Center in Los Alamitos is offering online tutoring during the current lockdown in response to COVID-19. Photo courtesy of the Youth Center.

In keeping with new rules during the Covid-19 quarantine, The Youth Center has now established free online group tutoring program. One of the virtual classes is hosted by Danny Bird every Thursday from 3pm-4pm. Danny is a 2019 LAHS graduate, Every 15 Minutes program participant, and a student at Fullerton College who is studying theatre. Kids love to connect with him, share their quarantine stories and complete their projects. This class and many others are open to every child in the community who needs a little extra help with homework and to stay connected with other children.

“I love that moment when a student goes from confused and hating a subject to having something click inside them and realize that the subject isn’t as bad as they think it is”, shared Danny Bird.

Haydyn (6 years old) had been enrolled in The Youth Center’s tutoring program through our Rascals after school program when the pandemic hit. “We were worried that she would fall behind but were glad to know that online one-on-one tutoring will continue”, shared her grandparents. The Youth Center tutoring team stepped up. They connected with Haydyn’s teacher to find out where she needed the most help. Tutor Bailey created a new routine for this student. Now Haydyn completes her classwork and homework ahead of schedule and is becoming a master reader.

“That “aha” moment when a problem makes sense is quite satisfying and to be there with the student when it happens is a privilege”, shared Ms. Bailey, The Youth Center Tutor

We are in a moment in time that our children need us more than ever. From having routine, going to school, participating in extra activities to staying at home and managing the work on their own. It’s especially hard for children who have working from home parents. Children could fall behind in school and become depressed. The group tutoring is here to help children be the best in their class, and to continue to have healthy friendships with their fellow classmates. The Youth Center staff is improving daily on ways to stay connected and communicate during these difficult times.

The Youth Center has been offering scholarships to families in need for over 65 years. Since they opened the doors, the center did not decline a single scholarship application. With COVID19, the need for scholarships increased. If you are fortunate during this devastating times and can help a struggling family, consider donating any amount at www.TheYouthCenter.org.

The article by Gina Phillips and photo were submitted by the Youth Center.