Marketing and more: Freedom rallies across the country

When the lockdown officially ends, will those who frequently ignored stay-at-home orders and went outside (walking, running, biking, gardening or sitting) be better able to handle the post-lockdown phase of the pandemic compared to those who hid in their homes? Many experts say it is safer outside, proven during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 when they moved hospital beds into the sunshine.

University of Washington atmospheric science professor Cliff Mass wrote in a blog post –

The risk of transmission of COVID-19 is extraordinarily less in outside air compared to within buildings: There is essentially no background concentration of the virus in outside air, ultraviolet radiation from the sun is destructive to the virus.

Mathematician and former general professor Isaac Ben Israel, head of the Security Studies program in Tel Aviv University and the chairman of the National Council for Research and Development, conducted research with a fellow professor. They studied countries greatly impacted by the coronavirus and concluded that the number of new virus cases peaks after about 40 days and declines to near zero after 70 days, no matter where in the world it strikes and no matter whether countries shut down their economies or not.

Ah, but they are professors not doctors! Here is immunologist Anthony Fauci who serves as a lead member of the president’s coronavirus task force.

January 21:
Newsmax interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci in which he said the coronavirus “is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”

February 8:
‘Danger of getting coronavirus now is just minusculely low.’

February 29:
Dr. Anthony Fauci was on the Today Show and said there is NO NEED for the public to change their behavior over concern for Coronavirus.

March 9:
Dr. Fauci recommends taking a cruise, telling Forbes Magazine that if you’re healthy, cruise ships are safe.

Many Americans no longer have confidence in Dr. Fauci since his models and predictions have repeatedly been grossly wrong.

Hypocrisy of the lockdown

A major reason for the surge of freedom rallies across the country is due to the hypocrisy of the rules regarding which businesses are essential (open) and which aren’t (closed):

  • You can walk into a 7-Eleven to buy candy and alcohol, but you can’t walk into a church to pray.
  • You can walk into Planned Parenthood to abort a baby, but you can’t walk into a furniture store to buy a baby’s crib.
  • You can go into a big-box store to purchase books, clothes, TVs and toys, but book, clothing, electronics and toy stores are closed.
  • You can go into a drugstore to buy nail polish, hairbrushes and make-up, but beauty supply stores are closed.
  • You can order food or coffee and can’t eat inside, but you can stand outside and eat.
  • You can be gunned down by a recently released felon, but you can’t buy a gun in a gun store to protect yourself.

The lockdown has allowed government to determine which businesses survive and which ones can fail. It’s obvious government prefers big-box stores over small businesses. In the five-week period ended April 5, Costco Wholesale sales revenue is up 11 percent over the same time period the previous year. Walmart’s sales rose 20 percent in March.

Moreover, social distancing while shopping is often absurd. It doesn’t matter how many signs the stores put on the floor that read, “stand here” or how many shoppers they limit inside, people frequently come in close contact.

Much depends on your situation
Conservative columnist Dennis Prager wrote that if the virus epicenter was not New York, Democrat reaction would have been very different. Instead of locking down the entire country, Prager writes that only affected cities would have been quarantined.

After all, a quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick or potentially sick people (such as elderly in nursing homes). Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

Instead there was a chorus of Democrat governors and mayors shouting, “We’re all going to die – send hospital beds!” “We’re all going to die – send ventilators!” “We’re all going to die – send a hospital ship!” “We’re all going to die – send money!”

And my personal favorite: “We’re all going to die – send socialism!”

Stop the insanity – open up America!
Drs. Fauci and Birx repeatedly told us from the start that the purpose of the lockdown was to flatten the curve to avoid collapsing the hospital system. The curve is flattened (along with our economy) and the hospital system never collapsed. In fact, hospital ships sent to New York City and Los Angeles were hardly used.

Americans who want to reopen their country are called selfish by those who want the lockdown to continue. In response, patriotic protesters say it’s selfish to destroy the U.S. economy when there are other ways to deal with the virus. As Glenn Harlan Reynolds wrote in “Protests Show ‘Two Americas’ – Those Who Lost Their Jobs and Those Still Getting Paid” –

There really are two Americas here: Those still getting a paycheck from government, corporations or universities, and those who are unemployed, or seeing their small businesses suffer due to shutdowns. And the America still getting paid is, so far, not showing a whole lot of sympathy for the America that isn’t.

Freedom rally participants are disgusted by inaccurate and misleading reporting. Daily reports about virus deaths are rarely accompanied by reports about survivors – more than 98 percent of the people who get the coronavirus survive with many experiencing minimal to moderate symptoms. The less than 2 percent that sadly pass away often had other health issues.

Shown left to right: Susan Doan, Robin Itzler and Beth Culver at Open Up California freedom rally on Friday, April 24, 2020 in Newport Beach. Photo courtesy of Robin Itzler.

The coronavirus is real – no one is disputing its seriousness. But we need to put everything into perspective and ask how many of its victims already had other underlying issues and might have died from the seasonal flu? What percentage of deaths are explicitly from the virus? It appears many deaths are counted as coronavirus when there were other health issues involved.

Freedom rally protestors aren’t worried about virus droplets falling from one person onto another. They are much more worried about tyranny droplets falling all over the United States of America from socialist-leaning Democrat mayors and governors. For example:

  • In Nazi Germany, survival was often based on having a job essential to the war effort. Responding to New Yorkers who needed to return to work, Gov. Cuomo replied, “You want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker.”
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told an interviewer he would use mobile phone data to track the movement of citizens and promised to “hunt down” those who refused to comply with his stay-at-home order.
  • Louisville, Kentucky Mayor Greg Fisher forbade people from attending drive-in church services on Easter Sunday, even going so far as to ask congregants to inform on pastors who held services.
  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf promoted a “snitch portal” for people to rat out businesses they thought were violating the state’s lockdown rules.
  • Virginia Governor Ralph (blackface) Northam felt empowered to gut the Second Amendment.
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents to turn in neighbors who weren’t following social-distancing rules, providing a text number to call on offenders.

Socialist Democrat mayors, governors and leaders repeatedly claim the lockdown is for your safety!

The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses of the State: für ihre sicherheit – It’s for your safety.


Read Dennis Prager’s article “If Half the Country’s Deaths Were in Montana, Would New York Shut Down?” here.

Read Glenn Harlan Reynolds article “Protests Show ‘Two Americas’ – Those Who Lost Their Jobs and Those Still Getting Paid” here.

Read a timeline of wrong assertions by Dr. Fauce here.


  1. Thanks, Robin, for having the fortitude to express your opinions and providing a forum for others to express theirs. Some cannot form their own opinions, so they have to plagiarize by referencing others.

    The deadly China virus (code named COVID-19) is new and no one understands the cure – except maybe the Chinese who developed it, spread it, and hid it from the world. The President’s Taskforce, nor can any state governor, predict what the virus will have on people in America and America’s economy. This pandemic is a condition of world controversies and convoluted by weaponized political agendas.

    However, you can thank the Trump Administration for creating the largest economy in history these last three years that has allowed us to get through this pandemic. This same Trump Administration are the ones who can rebuild the economy. (Remember that!) “We all are in this together” until it is over. There is only one person now who has the competences, experience, qualifications and stamina to lead America out of the pandemic.

    P.S. I give Robin, whose heritage I believe is Jewish, a pass comparing todays Democrat governors with actions paralleling some of those used by Nazi Germany against the population in total, including the Jews. After all, some of today’s Democrats and their propaganda media compare Republicans to Nazi’s. Some in the Democrat party call Republicans racist and compare them to Slave owners in the South. Both comparisons are part of the Democrats’ hypocrisy in that they are the party infringing on Peoples’ freedoms (big government, socialism, victimization, dependency class); and, the party of hate who for decades discriminated against the Blacks beginning before the Civil War.

    Like most American’s, I prefer President Trump’s unfiltered truth instead of Democrat and their propaganda media’s filtered lies and corruption.

  2. Completely agree Robin. Well said. However, I generally don’t like comparing anything in today’s America to Nazi Germany. I believe all politcians thirst for power. Although they claim to serve, people go into politics for the power. I believe today’s liberals are well intentioned and truly believe government is the answer to our problems and should be trusted over the people that serve it. These governors are getting away with this because most Americans are letting them. The scariest part of this whole thing is the millions of people giving up liberty thinking government can protect them from the risk in living in exchange.

  3. I need to jump in here as publisher of Orange County Breeze because while “B Forman” has maintained a civil tone in commenting, I just realized that “B Forman” supplied an anonymized email in order to post here. That violates our conditions of commentary. Therefore comments from “B Forman” will no longer be approved for comment.

  4. Robin, I have to say that I’m disappointed in this piece. You are not qualified to speak about biomedical issues and it shows. Moreover, you have selectively cited quotes and opinions to match your personal agenda. Sadly, the tactics used in this piece remind me of the mainstream media which I know you despise. It’s bad enough to mimic their tactics for standard political issues, but in this case it is beyond irresponsible and this is truly a matter of life, not to mention the most acute challenge this nation has faced in nearly a century.

    For the record I am conservative and pro-Trump. But that is, and should be irrelevant. I speak as an MD/PhD who has been trained in research and analyzing data.

    It has been well established that lockdowns minimize the transmission of respiratory viruses that transmit like SARS-CoV2. We know for the 1918 Spanish flu that US cities that locked down were spared the brunt of the virus whereas others that didn’t do well at all. The classic comparison is between Philly and St. Louis. I urge everyone to read a scientific analysis of these events ( In brief, Philadelphia locked down late and paid the price. St. Louis locked down early and did much better. The difference is remarkable. See Figure 1 of the paper.

    There is another important observation in that figure. Notice how St. Louis truly “flattened the curve” compared to Philly. By Nov 23 the number of deaths/day had started to come down in St. Louis. In fact, because their deaths started decreasing, St. Louis decided it was time to re-open, just as you suggest we should re-open now. Sure enough the number of deaths started rising in St. Louis because they re-opened too early. As a result, St. Louis had to shut down for a second time and even so their second wave peaked at a higher death rate than the first.

    If you look at the number of deaths per day in the US, you can see that this number is still flat, ie it has not even started decreasing ( as it did when St. Louis re-opened. So if we open up now we will be in an even worse situation than St. Louis. It is a virtual certainty that infections and deaths will start increasing again. You don’t even need the graphs above facts to appreciate this. Common sense and intuition should suffice. This virus started with 1 person in China and in a few months spread around the world. If we end the lock down now we are starting with far more than 1 person. So of course it take off again. The only possible thing that can prevent this (until there is a vaccine or treatment) is if viral transmission decreases during the summer. This is a big unknown and you can’t gamble with lives when you don’t know; and even in this it will come back in the fall if we don’t act appropriately.

    I hear you ask: what about the economy, isn’t that important? Of course it is, and because it is so important that’s exactly why we need to continue the lock down! Here’s why. While the concept of viral transmission is intuitive, what is less intuitive is the exponential mathematics. If there is no lockdown, every infected person infects about 3 people on average. So the number of infected cases rapidly rises as follows:
    That’s why the curves shoot up so quick and look so scary. Clearly, the only way to prevent disaster is to lock down early because things quickly spiral out of control. But here’s the good news, the mathematics is such that the it also drops off quickly on the way down. So staying locked down for an extra 3-4 weeks can make all the difference in the world. You can get the virus down to “near-zero” or more importantly to levels low enough that it can be contained by testing, contact tracing and quarantine. If we can get to this level the economy can go back to “normal” until a vaccine makes this all go away for good.

    Ask any investor, businessman or entrepreneur and they will tell you it’s far better for the economy to end the lock down once and for all than to enter the abyss of a 2nd lockdown. The economy and stock market will recover quickly if investors see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if the tunnel is extended 3 more weeks. But the straw that breaks the camel’s back is the uncertainty unleashed by a 2nd lockdown. At that point investors and business people can no longer expect light at the end if the tunnel because they have no certainty when or if the lock downs will end. That’s when investment stops completely. That’s when people are laid off permanently. That’s when businesses decide to close rather than taking on loans that they no longer have faith they can pay off.

    Finally, if you insist on viewing this through a pro-Trump political lens, then I suggest you stop advocating to end the lock down early. If it takes a few more weeks to get this virus to a point where we can keep it permanently in check then the economy will have picked up by the November election. Trump will be in good shape having steered us through a once in a lifetime tragedy. But if we get a second wave, then Trump is finished. While he can legitimately blame the Chinese or the governors the first time, he’s dead meat if there is a second wave especially since he is on the record pushing to re-open early.

    This election will be close simply because we are hopelessly split as a country. The election will once again be decided by relatively small numbers of independent working class voters in a few key states. It won’t take much for Trump to lose the support of these small numbers of people, and he will lose them if there is a 2nd wave of this virus that forces them to lose their jobs for a 2nd time. So if you are pro-Trump you want to lick this virus now even if it takes a few more weeks. It’s the Dems who benefit by the course of action that you advocate.

    1. How condescending to suggest that Robin is “not qualified” to respond because she is not a doctor. That reminds me of the argument that because I am a guy I should not weigh in on abortion issues. For the record, I am a doctor – MD in private practice and I too know how to analyze data, read and interpret studies. I am also a small business owner. Yes you do have more letters after you name than I but clearly not more common sense. Robin is spot on. Her piece is well researched and well written.

    2. Robin has some excellent talking points, and one doesn’t have to be a medical practitioner to form an opinion based on current relevant information. We are entitled to make up our own minds about Robin’s editorial.
      I think it’s a fact that people huddled together in close proximity are more at risk than those who get out in the fresh air and are able to exercise. I no longer listen to Fauci because much of his information has been flawed.
      We need to open up our country if for nothing else than to help those people whose lives have been badly damaged by the lockdown. This can be done following basic precautions. Those who are uncomfortable with that can certainly choose to hide in their homes away from their families and friends. Look to Sweden for success managing this virus.
      To remind you, this is a free country and we the people have free will. All of this government oversight is against everything we stand for.
      BTW, quite sure I had the virus in early Feb. with some unpleasant symptoms but no lasting effects, and I am immune suppressed!

    3. Why do you believe the data when there is other information that has come to light that makes the data suspect? A friend of mine lost her husband to a sudden heart attack six weeks ago and the medical staff asked if they could record his death as a Covid 19 death. The numbers are being inflated as more than one doctor has now reported they are being pressured to attribute deaths to Covid.

  5. As always, an excellent article and spot on. It is time to stop this insanity. Today, I heard Gruesome Newsom state that he would be closing only Orange County beaches… I call that punishment. Punishment for what? People that are healthy and took advantage of a beautiful sunny day?

  6. There are counties in California where the death toll is ZERO! Look at the death toll in Orange County and Newsome closes the beaches?!? Could be the best thing he’s done, at least for those of us who want the insanity to end.

  7. Thanks, Robin.
    Today’s editorial expressed exactly what me and my friends are thinking, discussing and partially practicing.. Actually, I was arrested after reading your first paragraph. WOW!
    OK. I want my freedom returned. Choices are important to me. So…Let’s get back to work NOW! And “Let the Sun Shine In!”
    However, In the near future, I look forward to reading articles comparing Communisim with Capitalism , and the effect of the COVID-19 on the 2020 elections

  8. Great article! Thanks for all you do Robin!

  9. thanks Robin. I’m glad my parents, both holocaust survivors are not here to experience the takeover of Govt. They would be in fear & shocked at what’s taking place in modern America. How sad.They were Democrats as I was. This is NOT the democracy my parents knew. I’m a Republican conservative now. My parents made sure I was born here in the free USA! I intend to protect my freedom!
    Gail Olson

  10. I totally agree! It’s a little disconcerting the government over reach! I agree that we should be as careful as possible but it won’t do anyone good if our businesses fail! California needs to reopen!

  11. Thank you Robin for your factual reporting regarding the Wuhan Virus. It is time for America to get back to work. I have a friend who was laid off and told that his position would be waiting for him when he came back to work. Well EDD is sending him the same amount of money he was making while working plus he receives an additional $1,000 a month in another government benefit program. He wonders should he go back to work? I hope the stimulus program & EDD stops his payment. Hopefully, the employer can notify those agencies when it sends out “come back to work notices.”

  12. I agree! Let’s be rational and not allow fear to dictate our behaviors! We need to protect our freedom and rights against overzealous government officials and those who would destroy our Constitutional rights in the so called name of “safety” for their own desires for power!

  13. Thank you for posting this.

  14. I couldn’t agree more! Now that more testing is being done, the findings and percentages on those who die from the virus dwindles down lower and lower. There are many small business people who do not qualify for unemployment benefits (hairdressers) and, therefore, have had to live for 75+ days on the $1200 stimulus! ENOUGH!

  15. We were told to stay home so we wouldn’t overwhelm the hospitals. The hospitals are empty in California. The numbers don’t add up to keep us locked up in our homes.

    The WHO= Wuhaun Health Organization

    Fauci needs to be fired!

    Time for America to go back to work!

    1. What an excellent and well written article! I also agree with– it has become completely politicized with a strong current towards socialism. This is their (leftist) way in –they are hoping. I hope not!!

  16. I totally agree. The media and politicians are minimizing the recovery rates. Facebook shut down the video of the two doctors who claimed the virus caused the deaths of only .03% of those who tested positive. The doctor claimed that physicians were being PRESSURED to report deaths as being caused by coranavirus. Tucker Carlson yesterday showed clips of these doctors before they were shut down. Now if you find their videos online the audio has been muted. I guess Facebook doesn’t believe in free speech.

  17. Well said! It’s about time somebody expressed some reality in the press.
    Thank you for your boldness.

    I am truly worried about the future of our democracy. Thank you for actually publishing what many of us are thinking.

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