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Cypress School District offers updates for ending current school year, starting next

While our campuses have been physically closed to students since March 16, “school” continues in the Cypress School District. During these unprecedented times, everyone has proven themselves to be lifelong learners!

This edition of our e-Newsletter provides our community with an inside view of what school looks like in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Despite difficult circumstances, we are accomplishing great things! We hope you will spend a few minutes to learn more.

Anne Silavs, Superintendent

Returning to Campus

We look forward to the day when students and staff can return to our campuses and resume school as we once knew it. Unfortunately, that won’t happen this academic year, so our staff is developing a plan for families to return instructional materials to school and pick up personal belongings before summer recess.

More information will be forthcoming regarding this process and the measures that will be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. For community members, you may notice additional people on our campuses during this time.

What about Next Year?

Based on information from state and local health officials, and barring any unforeseen surge in COVID-19 cases, we fully anticipate reopening our schools as scheduled next year. However, in all likelihood, things will look different.

We are awaiting guidance from the California Department of Education regarding parameters for reopening our schools and how to effectively accommodate social distancing throughout each campus.

We’ll share more information with our school community as soon as it becomes available.

This article was released by Cypress School District.