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Beaches for all: OC Supervisor calls out Board’s policy decision

Today, the County voted 3-2 to empower its own County staff to make beach policy decisions. Because of the Board’s action, County beaches may or may not be open depending on the preferences of staff. According to Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner, Orange County is being divided and conquered our state government. Several cities have bowed to the governor’s dictates and given plans to the governor to reopen their beaches, but not all have.

Supervisor Wagner advocates for a more consistent policy, determined by the elected policy makers, not by staff, that immediately opens our beaches because our beaches can immediately be safely accessed.

“It is an appalling way to make policy,” said Supervisor Wagner, of the Board’s fitful voting, rescinding of the vote, and voting again to empower staff to make policy decisions. “We, as Board members, took an oath to represent the people we serve consistent with the United States and California Constitutions. To truly serve our constituents, the Board must create and review policy, instead of handing it off to County bureaucrats to cherry pick winners and losers.

“The Governor is acting in an arbitrary and capricious way,” added Supervisor Wagner, “by closing only Orange County beaches. In a classic case of monkey see, monkey do, the Board has now acted in an equally arbitrary and capricious manner, instead of following logical procedures.

Sacramento should not need to approve of Orange County’s plans to open beaches. Our beaches should be open today.

This article was released by the Office of Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner.

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  1. Every other beach in OC is now open with guidelines to keep the public safe.

    All OC has to do is set safety guidelines to get county beaches reopened. Instead of adopting those guidelines to keep the public safe, Wagner is choosing to take the political route.

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