Michelle Steel

Michelle Steel: Last week in review

As we continue battling the Coronavirus and work diligently to safely get our small business and workers on solid footing, let me make one thing clear; I always have and always will fight for the citizens of Orange County.

That’s why when the governor arbitrarily singled out Orange County and closed our beaches despite all of the hard work we’ve done fighting COVID, I had to speak out.

On February 26, before even one reported COVID-19 case we declared an emergency and continued to work hand-in-glove with the state on our response efforts. That is why our COVID numbers compared to our region are low. The governor’s decision was completely unnecessary and simply not fair to the people of Orange County.

We have and will continue doing everything we can to protect our citizens while safely beginning the process of opening our economy.

Unfortunately, not all of our elected officials are quick to defend our home. Harley Rouda has seemingly forgotten Orange County. As the governor singled us out, Rouda stuck his finger in the wind to see which direction he should go. That’s not leadership and that’s certainly not the leadership we need in Orange County.

Other news from this week:

  • Called for healthy people who are low risk to be allowed back to work
  • Pushed for an end to the nonsensical state lawsuit against Uber & Lyft
  • Joined Larry O’Connor on KABC to discuss repealing AB5 and ending the lawsuit against Uber & Lyft
  • Continued our plans to safely get Orange County working again

You will never wonder where I stand on an issue, and I will always stand up for the people of Orange County.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Thank you for representing many of us who listen to both sides of science and not just the loudest medical professionals who have been given a microphone. Those people who don’t want to jump back into society have the constitutional freedom to stay home. However, those of us that are economically suffering, watching our kids slowly becoming depressed and being robbed of extracurricular activities, senior year celebrations want a bit of normalcy. Our shut down was not to eliminate COVID19, but rather get our hospitals prepared. We are shutting down our state and Preventing 98%of our citizens from living their lives because of a ever changing science of a virus that have proven to be less dangerous than the combination of the flu, drug overdoses, suicides, car accidents combined. Yet we don’t stop our lives. Thank you Ms. Steel for fighting for our American constitutional
    Protections and the Orange County residents.

  2. Mich Steel does not represent the values or intelligence of the people of OC. My family and I will never forget how inept she has proven herself to be during Covid. We will never vote for her for any office. She is a professional politian and is not fooling anyone. She is the swamp. A true embarrassment.

    1. Robin,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      We approved your comment because you used no foul language, but neither did you advance an argument beyond personal assertion and name-calling.

      Please give specific examples of what you view as inept handling of the COVID-19 crisis, or proof that she “is the swamp.”

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze and for taking the time to comment.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

      1. Thank-you Shelley, for addressing this rude Robin comment. All that she said about Michele Steel is simply a projection of herself and her own mean thoughts. To be so vicious without offering a reason is nothing more than hate-mongering.

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