Los Angeles County Bike Coalition

A special message from the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition

Your choices to support the greater good is starting to pay off. You’ve been careful about limiting your travel to essential trips. When you are riding you’re taking extra precaution to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way. You’ve done your part to limit your exposure by practicing physical distancing. And it’s paying off as the City of LA begins to lift some restrictions over the next couple of weeks leading into summer to help us ease carefully back to our “new reality.”

Starting today, the City and County of Los Angeles will transition to Stage II, making minor adjustments to some restrictions.

While we are being asked to continue to wear face coverings in public, avoid coming into close contact with other individuals, and practice social “physical” distancing, effective Friday, May 8, some retail establishments will be allowed to offer online/phone orders and curbside pick-up including: florists, toy stores, music stores, bookstores, clothing stores, and sporting goods stores.

Meanwhile, trails, trailhead parks, and golf courses will reopen tomorrow on Saturday, May 9, as long as we all stay vigilant about continuing to practice distancing and good hygiene, including the wearing of face coverings.

For information from the County of L.A., visit the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health website.

To make sure we continue to make progress on reopening Los Angeles we want to remind you of the tips we shared back at the beginning of the outbreak to help you stay safe while riding:

  • Stay home if you are feeling even mildly unwell
  • Bring plenty of water in order to avoid needing to come in contact with public fixtures, such as at drinking fountains
  • Maintain more than a 6-ft distance as you are traveling at speed
  • Avoid riding in groups beyond your household
  • Give extra distance when passing or be prepared to slow down to make sure to maintain sufficient separation
  • Avoid going out at peak times in order to reduce crowding on trails and paths, especially as certain trails and paths are still closed
  • Please make sure to observe all closures and do not attempt to ride on closed trails and paths
  • Finally, please make sure to be extra careful and not take risks at this time; our healthcare providers are already overwhelmed and the last thing they need to is to have additional patients to take care of

We want to encourage all riders to practice an abundance of caution as they continue to ride safely to maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being and also to take necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our entire community.

Unfortunately but understandably restaurants will remain closed for dine-in guests but you can still support many of your local eateries by ordering to pick-up — speaking of which, stay tuned for our next #BikesMeanBusiness location with our partners at Sunset4All this Wednesday when we ride business to Masa again on Sunset Blvd to show that when bike infrastructure attracts cyclists to commercial corridors, business improves! And you can also donate to support Masa even if you have plans already by going here.

Keeping safety top of mind, check out our latest video in our #readytoride Covid-19 bike preparedness series – getting a proper fit for your bike helmet. Click the image below for some cool tips on protecting your beautiful brain!

This article was released by Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.