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Former Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar at long last confirmed as CFO of Homeland Security

Long, long ago in a time Before COVID-19, Troy Edgar sparked rebellion against the dictates of Sacramento when he led the confirmation of fellow Los Alamitos Councilmember Warren Kusumoto’s ordinance exempting the City from the California State sanctuary law.

Troy Edgar, Republican candidate for California Congressional in District 47
Troy Edgar

His efforts brought him to the attention of the current Administration in Washington, D.C. He was nominated to the position of Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Homeland Security.

His nomination languished… until yesterday. The self-described “numbers guy” finally got cloture.

According to the Daily Digest of the United States Senate, Troy Edgar was confirmed to the position by a vote of 62 yeas and 31 nays. The cloture vote took place around 2:15 p.m. after an hour’s recess, and was recorded in the Congressional record on page S2365 (pdf).

The record shows that both of California’s Senators voted against his nomination.

Congratulations, Mr. Edgar!

Meantime, Warren Kusumoto resigned last December from the Los Alamitos City Council in order to accept an East Coast transfer offered by his employer. The Reverend Samuel Pullen remains pastor of the Community Congregationalist Church in Los Alamitos. Huntington Beach lost its case against the State of California, and the City of Los Alamitos rescinded the ordinance.

Travis Allen, who beat Edgar to represent Assembly District 72, declined to run for re-election. Instead, he mounted a quixotic run for governor that failed. Tyler Diep, who is the current incumbent for AD 72, failed to gain enough votes in the 2020 primary to stand for re-election in November.

And COVID-19 has messed not only with the 2020 United States Census but also with just about every aspect of daily living.

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  1. Congratulations Troy Edgar. As a Cypress residence and a Los Alamitos community member, I am proud to support your security position in Washington. Thank you fir helping to prot ct our great country.

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