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Guest Editorial: Liberals continue attacks on President Trump

Dear Editor:

Amy Phan West. Courtesy photo.
Amy Phan West. Courtesy photo.

The mainstream liberal media attacks President Trump no matter what he says and does, no matter what he doesn’t say or do. It’s beyond ridiculous, which probably explains why his popularity has increased with Independents.

A perfect example is the president’s decision to take hydroxychloroquine, which has been around for 40+ years. Just as most Americans have conversations with their doctor about the pros and cons of a medication, President Trump did the same with his physician Dr. Sean Conley. They determined there were more benefits connected to taking the anti-malaria drug to prevent the coronavirus than there were risks.

Now suddenly, a liberal media that wants President Trump out of office (and its more hysterical supporters want him dead) are worried about the president suffering side effects from taking the drug. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is a poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, is concerned about the president’s weight.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is also worried about the president’s health. Mr. Biden, who can rarely form two coherent sentences together, should instead focus on his own mental health issues.

President Trump is doing a fantastic job balancing the nation’s economic and physical health. Red states that have reopened are thriving while blue states like California are in a media-induced hysterical lockdown. The same media that is now going hysterical about the president taking hydroxychloroquine.


Amy Phan West
Republican Central Committee – 72nd District
Delegate to the CAGOP

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  1. Thank you, for stating the truth, that there are forces against our POTUS never seen in America’s history. Perhaps you did not mention the fact that, these forces are truly shameless. So I will. 🙂 To degrade our current POTUS is to degrade the citizens that voted and or support the general fact that he is our sitting President. Truly shameless they are.

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