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Orange County partners with 3D Event Designer in program to help small businesses meet social distancing guidelines

In partnership with 3D Event Designer, the County of Orange is launching the Back2Business Initiative program to help local small businesses impacted by COVID-19 safely reopen by meeting local, state and federal social distancing guidelines.

The Back2Business Initiative will provide up to 1,000 Orange County small businesses with access to free floor plan software to quickly create, configure, or update their space(s). This software allows businesses, such as restaurants and retail shops, to view their current layout and adjust their floor plan to meet the latest social distancing requirements, giving them the confidence to bring their employees back to work safely and responsibly.

3D Event Designer will be hosting free live webinars over the next two weeks to teach businesses how to use the floor plan software. The first live webinar will take place this Thursday, May 28, 2020, beginning at 9 a.m. PST. Eligible businesses interested in participating can now register for their preferred date HERE. To be eligible, businesses must be in Orange County and have 500 employees or less.

Businesses must also meet the following technology requirements to successfully use the software:

  • Have a reliable Internet connection
  • Have access to any Mac, PC, tablet, or phone device (creating a floor plan is easiest on a Mac or PC)
  • Have access to Google Chrome or any browser other than Internet Explorer

For more information on the Back2Business Initiative, visit https://bit.ly/ocback2business or call the Economic and Business Recovery Call Center at (714) 480-6500.

The article above was released by the County of Orange.

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  1. First healthy people were told not to wear a mask. Then we were told we had to wear a mask. Now it’s going back to some saying healthy people should not wear a mask (especially when exercising).

    Then we were told the virus can contaminate and spread from touching surfaces. Now CDC says probably not.

    The so-called experts, starting with Dr. Anthony Fauci, do not know and announce guesses every other day as do most other “health officials.”

    The same will be true with social distancing. The idea that the virus might reach you at 5’10”, but not 5’12” is ridiculous!

    Thousands of freedom rally protesters have gathered without much social distancing and few wearing masks. Millions shop in stores (where floor x signs are meaningless). There has been no uptick in Virus cases – most upticks are the result of increased testing.

    States like Florida, Texas and Georgia have reopened and the number of virus cases are down!

    Protect the vulnerable and elderly … let the rest of us go back to normalcy with minor changes. FULLY OPEN CALIFORNIA NOW!

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