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AAUW Presidents are special people

The outgoing and incoming Presidents of La Palma-Cerritos Branch American Association of University Women (AAUW) have three things in common: a college degree, a love of travel, and a desire to achieve equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research. They are special in that they both have used their different talents and interests to promote unity within the branch and provide interesting programs and activities for branch and community members to enjoy.

Photo of Harriet Moses at Table Mountain in South Africa in 2019 courtesy of Edna Ethington.
Photo of Harriet Moses at Table Mountain in South Africa in 2019 courtesy of Edna Ethington.

Spotlight on Harriet Moses, President 2018-2020

Outgoing president Harriet Moses first joined the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW for two years in the 1980’s. She joined for a second time after she retired in 2013 as controller for a family- owned paint manufacturer in Los Angeles. She received her BA in Liberal Arts from Adelphi College (now a University), in New York. While she was in college, she met her husband, Mike Moses, in a math class at Adelphi College. After she graduated from Adelphi College, she took an entry level job in accounting at Butterick/Vogue Patterns in New York. She and Mike married and moved first, to San Diego for a job for Mike, then to Thousand Oaks in California, and finally to Buena Park. Accounting became her career in business as she worked as a controller for the paint manufacturer in Los Angeles for 18 years.

When Harriet joined the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW about six years ago, she became an active member participating in the branch’s Book Club and Great Decisions Discussion Group. She served on the board as Co-Chair of Public Policy with Sondra Cohen for two years, and then served as President for two years. She said she supported the AAUW’s fundraising projects, especially the one that she said was closest to her heart, Tech Trek.

In her business career and in her AAUW activities, she said she hopes she mentored people to be the best they could be at their job and look forward to advancement and furthering their education.

When she retired as controller, Harriet decided that she wanted to travel somewhere in the world every year. Some places Harriet has traveled to are Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Honduras, South Africa, and an Aegean cruise including Croatia. She has taken trips with some of the AAUW’s members and hopes to travel to Vienna and Italy on her next trip when travel is permitted.

Harriet and Mike Moses have been married for 54 years and have lived in Buena Park for 45 years. They have two children, Jim and Barbara, daughter-in-law Raymonda, two grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. The La Palma-Cerritos AAUW appreciates the thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration that Harriet showed to everyone as a member and as President for the past two years.

Photo of Beverly Zwick for the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW courtesy of Edna Ethington.
Photo of Beverly Zwick for the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW courtesy of Edna Ethington.

Spotlight on Beverly Zwick, President 2020-2021

Beverly Zwick has been a member of the American Association of University Women since 1982 when she joined the Santa Monica Branch of the AAUW. She is a Life Member of the AAUW and served on Santa Monica AAUW board as Hospitality Chairperson. She joined the La Palma-Cerritos Branch of the AAUW on September of 2018. When she joined the branch, she agreed to become Co-Program VP’s with Brenda Hicks and Diane Hutson. She also joined the branch’s Gourmet Interest Group.

Since Beverly is new to the La Palma-Cerritos Branch, this spotlight will enlighten everyone about everything about Beverly’s educational background, work experiences, and many interests.

Beverly’s educational achievements include studying law and graduating with a BA and a MA double major in Home Economics and Psychology from Chapman College. She also received a Life Teaching Credential. She taught classes in Santa Ana Unified, Culver City Unified, Beverly Hills Unified and Los Angeles Unified School District. The classes she taught included Home Economics classes on Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Consumer Education, and a class for pregnant girls on how to take care of themselves and their babies. She retired from Los Angeles Unified School District as teacher in 1989.

Prior to her career as a teacher, Beverly experienced a variety of work experiences in her life. She worked as a grocery store checker, an office cashier, a retail clerk in the food industry, a payroll worker at MGM Studios, now known as Sony Tri-Star, and as a realtor in West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. In Los Angeles, she was a member, Treasurer, and later, President of Westside Home Economist and Hospitality Chair of Greater Los Angeles Nutrition Council (GLANC)). She also was a caregiver for her aunt, and also her mother, until her mother’s death in in 2014.

Beverly believes in living her life to the fullest and has many interests and hobbies that keep her busy. These include being a season subscriber for nine Performing Arts Theaters, restoring her Classic 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix, going deep sea fishing, maintaining a home aquarium, and enjoying cooking, sewing, collecting crystals, gardening, gambling, and traveling. She has traveled to Israel, Paris, and London. In 1974, she traveled around the world on a Chapman College World Campus Afloat to Asia, Africa, and South America. She hopes to continue traveling in the future.

Beverly Zwick will be assuming the office of President of the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW on July 1, 2020. She has chosen to focus on the theme of the “Empowerment of Women” and will continue to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The 19th Amendment prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex.

For more information about the meetings and activities of the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW, contact President Beverly Zwick at 562-943-6149.

Editor’s Note: The text has been updated since it was originally published.