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Garden Grove Mayor: Respect for diversity, strong police/community relations essential for harmony, understanding

As cities across the nation, including a handful in Orange County, deal with mass protests following the controversial death of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers, Garden Grove focuses on the importance of respecting diversity in all forms and maintaining positive police relationships in the community.

“Garden Grove is a city of compassion with deep respect for the social diversity that underpins the foundation of our community. Nearly 200,000 people of differing backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions enjoy living together in peace and harmony within our city limits. Most importantly, we cherish the overwhelmingly positive relationship between our police department and the community, which we consider a unique and valued honor, especially in light of what we see happening around the nation,” said Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones.

Since the early 1990s, the Garden Grove Police Department has exercised a Community Policing philosophy to achieve deeper trust and understanding between police and the community, that has been the basis for maintaining peace and public safety for decades.

“Our long-standing partnership with the community includes respecting their right to self-expression and allowing the appropriate arena to exercise that right. On the flip side, we expect the community to maintain lawfulness so we can keep them and everyone else safe,” said Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRé.

Garden Grove City Manager Scott Stiles underscores the importance of City and community working together.

“Despite the challenging times we’re facing, I have tremendous trust in our community, our City staff, and in our public safety personnel to always work together for the betterment and well-being of Garden Grove.”

This article was released by the City of Garden Grove.


  1. GGPS Has it’s good and bad but i have been harassed when i was only 18 years old. They came and actually started using profanity towards me … i told them they are not allowed to speak to me like that i have friends that are cops and i took a criminal justice calls with a retired cop and he told us the biggest gang in america is the “POLICE” when they were cussing me out. i called for their superior and he did tell them to leave and wait outside. I’ve been in situations where GGPD are harassing and totally abusing power but i have also seen them be kind. so lets hope our GGPD Does good today.

  2. Citizens,
    Be involved and active in your community. Be good to your neighbors and hold people accountable for their actions. There are good and bad people in every race, ethnicity, and religion. Judge people by their character and action.
    -A Citizen.

  3. GG Police force are absolutely fabulous. In all my years of living here, this city is a place of peace to me. I feel safer here than anywhere else I have lived, and have not seen the kinds of ethnic strife as I did living in Long Beach, in Los Alamitos, in Santa Ana or many other surrounding areas. This is very important to me as a senior citizen. Thank you to GG Police department and all the others who have made it so! Thanks to the guys who boarded up Main street, because it would be so sad to lose that historic place!

  4. There is good and bad no matter what profession you’re in. I support peaceful protests. I’m against violent protests as the message gets lost when there’s violence and nothing gets accomplished. Let’s support one another no matter what ethnic group we belong and support our police department. Hopefully good changes are in the near future. Let’s vote for positive changes for our community and country. Stay safe and healthy.

  5. Please GGPD show more compassion towards the homeless.
    Garden Grove refuses to build a shelter so we have no where else to go but the library, parks,etc.

    1. I agree about the homeless. We know some decent officers and some we call by a different title. I am a lady Vietnam Veteran. I’ve never done drugs, won’t even take pain pills. We don’t smoke anything. We don’t even drink alcoholic beverages. I am not well. Two of GG dept said we are worthless because we are homeless. Said it twice. More was said we were displeased with. I have resided in GG over 15 years. Two years homeless. I am retired from a school district.I was hit by an suv nearly a year ago which has added to my health and other problems. Homeless are all lumped together into one category of undesirable beings, which is discriminatory, biased, and wrong.

  6. GGPD is in all likelihood the most corrupt PD in California. Don’t believe me? Go into their lobby and simply request a complaint form. Legitimate department with hand you the form with a smile, GGPD requires you to endure obstacles designed only to discourage the process. The figures they submit annually to the attorney general’s office are statistically impossible. They routinely hire officer rejects fired by other law enforcement agencies. Take officer Charles Starnes for instance. He was fired from Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Not only did GGPD hire him, they promoted him to Sargent above the few legitimate officers that do occupy this infested department.

    1. Garden Grove, is as gross a place as there is on the map, the males are as twisted as I’ve ever seen. Vietnamese males, every single one of them are something less than men, do I need to say more.

      1. STEVEN, Vietnamese males must have messed you up pretty badly somewhere in your life. Good riddance. Take your trash and go elsewhere.

  7. Many of times I’ve been riding my bike and have been stopped and harassed by The Garden Grove Police Department at one point I was pulled over four times in one month. After being pulled over the fourth time I told the police officer that I was going to wear a top hat so they could see who I was from afar and not pick on me like they had then he laughed and said haha ride your bike on the right side of the road like a normal person the very next day I rode my bike in the right side of the road and I hit a car and chipped my tooth therefore I don’t really trust the police department they like to single out people they think are trouble

  8. With the threats of blm going in our Neighborhoods to rob and loot we ALL need to be on high alert by watching out for One another because of the reality how fast thing can get out of hand and happen in these times. Wednesday protests are to take place all around garden grove. Valley view an orangwood also at city hall are some of the plan protest Stay safe and look out for our Beautiful community. Thank you Ggpd we stand with you all !!!

  9. GGPD IS THE BEST! I’ve been to a few community events and have met many in the police force, as well as their wonderful community liaisons. They really do embrace diversity, are willing to educate the community, and do a great job protecting all of us in GG. Thank you for your service!

    1. GGPD you guys are the best. I am proud to stand together with my GGPD to help protect my community. Im from the GGAOG on the corner of TAFT and CENTURY BLVD. SAMOAN AOG right next to Costco across the street. Pray to God for protection over my community.

      1. GGPolice have harrassed my black grandson and put my Black Son under arrest for no reason. He beat his case in court. The officers that arrested him hid the body cam evidence which cleared my son of the charges. Racist police!

        1. As a black male I’ve had nothing but problems from those cowards in that particular city, they are as pathetic as I’ve witnessed in 68, years of living.

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