Michelle Steel condemns riots, looting and attacks on law enforcement in Orange County during George Floyd protests

Over the weekend, there were multiple demonstrations that took place across Orange County in response to the murder of George Floyd. More are planned in the coming days.

While most were peaceful and went without incident, the demonstrations in the cities of Huntington Beach and Santa Ana required police to intervene. In Huntington Beach, while the protests were largely peaceful and there was no property damage, there were a few fistfights breaking out between protesters and counter protesters and at least four arrests. Additionally, water bottles were thrown at police officers trying to keep the peace.

The demonstrations in Santa Ana turned into violent riots. These rioters were looting stores, attacking Santa Ana police officers and Orange County sheriff’s deputies with rocks, fireworks and other explosives with four deputies being injured. There were multiple arrests made.

“We all mourn the unjust murder of George Floyd. In honoring his life, we cannot destroy our own communities, set things on fire, threaten the safety of our families or attack our incredible law enforcement officers,” said Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. “These thoughtless actions are unacceptable and criminal. I will not tolerate the destruction of Orange County communities and attacks on law enforcement, whom I 100% support.”

“Government’s first and foremost responsibility is ensuring the safety and security of its people, property and businesses. I will make sure our communities are safe from criminal violence. Continued acts of violence and looting will be met with the full force of the law,” added Chairwoman Steel. “As Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, I will look at all the options at my disposal to further enforce law and order in Orange County if these violent riots continue.”

“We can express our grievances to injustices in a peaceful and civil manner, as our first amendment gives Americans the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. That right does not include rioting and looting. This must stop now .”

This article was released by the Office of Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.


  1. One of the problems with all of this is rioters don’t have a rule book. Law enforcement does and this has to be met with force unfortunately. But as soon as law enforcement gets really aggressive they will just scream ” police Brutality”. Leaving the unfortunate situation of police bowing to them makes me sick.

  2. It’s obvious the politicians instigating destruction for November votes, we are not bias for any politician but we cannot let kids steel, destroy, fight, and kill officers in the name of racism or George Floyd. There is no honor is this much destruction of small business owner’s livilihood, death of officers, and civilians!!

  3. There must be a better way to protest and get the word out that Black Lives Matter the statement is very true because it matter I’m an elderly Black woman that has gone through since the Watts Riots I was a teenager then, but I’m much older now there hasn’t been any change in how were treated with or without an education change has been slow but pray this time that Justice prevails, lives are lost property is being destroyed I sat watching my TV I cried my mind went back to the Watts riot tears rolled down but the memories are still there. I pray for Peaceful demonstration Stop the destruction go home after the demonstration take time to pray over the next few days and ask God to intervene on the United States of America,God protect America let us all be tolerant of each other and Love one another in Jesus Name Amen. ❤️

  4. Thank you for protecting the safety of this county. It isn’t right what is going on out there and we need it to stop. Wish people would stop twisting people’s words.

  5. I find your statement “ will be met with the full force of the law,” concerning. What exactly do you mean? If your going to make such a broad reference you need to define it. While the violence and lootIng is unacceptable please don’t minimize what people of color have experienced and are potentially expressing to get America’s attention. It’s far less harmful, hateful, vicious and permanent than DEATH!

    1. Get educated about what is going on awisting people’s words. People are going to bat for you to be safe, get your thoughts right and get more knowledge before you want to say things to people that put their lives on the line.

      1. Why don’t you get educated yourself before spewing personal attacks? You can already see protesters trying to distance themselves from rioters. Regardless of that police are attacking peaceful protesters with violent forces. You accuse people of twisting words but you are the one who is twisting this entire movement as some kind of terrorist attack rather than a legitimate concern for equality and freedom. Of course looting and rioting is bad for the safety of the citizens, but the unnecessary police brutality is also threatening the safety of our people. So please: get your thoughts right and get more knowledge. Try to understand the nuance of the current situation instead of latching on to your party identity.

        1. “Regardless of that police are attacking peaceful protesters with violent forces”
          I think you’re the one that needs to get educated.

  6. Your announcement is perfect. Just what needed to be said. I wish all counties need to do. No tolerance for destruction, mayhem, violence. Thank you so much. Maybe run for president someday? I’d vote for you!!!

  7. These attacks are mostly coming from members of an organized group that travels to peaceful demonstrations in order to cause chaos.
    The money man behind these groups needs to have his assets frozen and his ass in prison.
    The authorities know who he is. His $$ makes him “untouchable” and “above the law”.

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