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Anaheim closes major streets through the weekend

After declaring a curfew for Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, the City of Anaheim closed major streets through the weekend: Harbor Boulevard, Broadway, and Santa Ana Street.

Anaheim is implementing a citywide curfew starting tonight at 9 p.m. through tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.

Those who are traveling for work, who are giving or seeking emergency care, who are credentialed media or who are homeless are exempt from the curfew.

The safety of our community is our top priority.

The curfew remains out of an abundance of caution. We are unaware of any planned demonstrations in our city on Tuesday

We are tracking demonstrations planned in downtown Anaheim on Wednesday and Friday, though they are anticipated to be smaller in size and scope than what we saw on Monday.

We join many in deep concern and disappointment over the Minneapolis incident. But violence and destruction can never be justified and will not be tolerated in Anaheim.

As a city, we always welcome peaceful expression in Anaheim. But we will deal quickly and safely with anything that goes beyond that.

We thank you all for your cooperation and for helping us keep our city safe.


  1. Michael J. Escarcida: Please STAY OUT of ANAHEIM so it can be LESS of a “s#it” hole. Your absence will probably ELEVATE ANAHEIM to THE FIRST CLASS CITY IT ACTUALLY IS, & HAS ALWAYS BEEN, save for the times YOU entered and de-classed it. Thank you…and XXXXXXXXXXX, please.

    Editor’s note: The X’s above replaced a personal insult. Please do not lower yourself or your argument to the level of personal insult.

  2. BLM? If this is true, tell me why is there so much black on black crime going on? Its only BLM when its convenient. You are sick of being stereotyped, then stop fitting the stereotype. Its sad because not All are like this but with all this “protesting” aftermath the image is horrible.
    I am not saying black lives don’t matter but I agree that EVERYONE’S life matters.

    1. Compare the statics of same ethnic group crimes to white versus non-white race/ethnic crimes and you will notice the huge statistical difference. While your right that there is a lot of same race/ethnic crime, this nation’s history of blacks inequality is what this nation was build upon! Maybe let’s mention that! Those are FACTS imprinted in the roots and foundations of what we call – America. So, while all lives do matter remember that you my ignorant stranger can’t deny history’s own written evidence of inequality that gives you the “privilege” to speak so ill-minded and blindly. Furthermore, while your misunderstanding of the term “EVERYONE’s” life matters is severely incompetent. If “EVERYONE’s” life did matter, then that would mean that ALL LIFE and ALL COLOR of ALL human being matters – in this case BLACK COLOR LIFE MATTERS because black lives are part of ALL LIVES! Wait, unless you mean that “EVERYONE’S” life means EXCEPT BLACK LIVES? Thank you for sharing.

  3. You’re all being used like the Useful Idiots. Whatever happens to “us” happens to you too. Duh.

  4. I don’t care anyone. About any of this. The agenda worked and now I can’t stand any of this protesting/looting. None of it. Get a job.

  5. “ All the continuing protests are now just people who have nothing to do, no jobs because of covid 19 . All of them say the same thing , “ there has to be something done “. Why don’t they elect someone or a group of leaders to sit and talk with our police forces. Everyone walking the streets, white , black , purple, etc. at this point has nothing to do with the memory of “ SCOTT FLOYD “ . By the way it’s not “ BLM “ , it’s “ ELM “. EVERY LIFE MATTERS. Everyone go home so the talking can begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. George.

    2. Who is Scott Floyd?

    3. His name was George Floyd!

    4. It’s black lives matter.

      Cops already give white people the benefit of their humanity ,but not with black people,

      I don’t see white dudes getting choked to death over trivial offenses.

      The police arrive on scene, and if it’s a black man, police automatically heighten their aggressiveness, and are much quicker to resort to deadly force, or force that leads to death.

      When you can show me a pattern of white youth, and young white men constantly getting beaten up and murdered by police, than it will change to “all lives matter.”

      if Floyd was white, this cop would have never even put his knee on his neck. Probably would not have even put hand cuffs on.

      Whites are given the benefit of the doubt, while black men are assumed to be criminal by default.

      1. when you can show me WHITE DUDES breaking into a business to Rob them for no reason then maybe the cops wouldn’t be so rough. the first minute anyone gets a chance to do something illegal THEY ARE BLACK. so spare me the pity. ALL LIVES MATTER. … just saying

        1. Author


          Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

          Videos from the rioting in Minneapolis clearly show whites joining in the looting.

          Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

        2. Did you not watch the looting because it showed large amount of white dudes and females looting and it was whites that destroyed the police cars do a fact check before you make a statement

    5. It’s George Floyd. Smh

  6. We will not be silent.
    We will not accept your mistreatment.
    Say goodbye to life as you knew it.

    1. Oh shut up you baby! Remember XXXXXXXXXXXXX and use the memory of it in order to man up.. I mean as much as a XXX coward like yourself can anyway. Look, what happened was inexcusable and should never happen, but people destroying things and hurting others is pathetic, stop throwing temper tantrums! Your hissy-fits only serve to show how juvenile you are. “Say goodbye to life as you know it!”… haha, buddy, your inability to see and think logically is burden only to you. This isn’t WWE or some movie. Life goes on.

      Editor’s note: this comment has been edited to remove foul language. Please keep comments clear and clean, and hold back on personal insults. Foul language and insults serve only to fuel anger.

      1. Seems like he hit a nerve.
        Say goodbye to life as you once knew it.

      2. You say what happened to Floyd was “inexcusable” wow! You act as if this cop did something like, giving someone a speeding ticket, because, they didn’t like the same NFL football team as he did ( Vikings)

        This was plain murder! And all you can say is “it was inexcusable.”

        If it was a black cop, doing this to a white man or white woman, you’d be calling it MURDER!, and not just referring to murder as simply “inexcusable.”

        And from a historical and sociological perspective, almost every big change in the expansion of freedom, or redress of some critical injustice has involved violence.

        This country was founded on violent , illegal protest, it’s called the American Revolution!

        It’s ok for white men to use violence for their own interests, but blacks, are just expected to sit quietly and do nothing.

        The violence of the 1960’s helped usher in major changes in society, and legislation to redress systemic racism in this country.

        The same with labor rights. In the early 1900’s, many labor activists used violence, and police murdered workers trying to create safer working conditions. Thanks to this violence, we all have a lunch break at work.

        The concept of the lunch break has to be demanded, and fought for by various means.

        If workers back in the 1900’s had just stood home, and wrote letters to their congressmen asking for better working conditions, they wold have just been ignored.

        I can’t think of any time in the last 8,000 years, whereby freedom, or justice, or fairness was simply granted after a simple request.

        Ideally, we could just write a letter to every Police chief to fire all their racist cops that have used excessive force, but that’s not reality.

        When you’re loud, you get listen to. This has been proven in all societies going back millennia.

    2. Right back at you

    3. Who are Chris Beaty, David Dorn, Max Brewer, Patrick Underwood?

      1. Author


        Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        For your readers who do not recognize the names:

        • Chris Beaty – “one of two people fatally shot after violence erupted during an Indianapolis protest.”
        • David Dorn – a retired police captain slain while protecting a friend’s business
        • Max Brewer – an officer in the Atlanta Police Department, on duty during protests, sustained major injuries to his legs and is recovering in ICU
        • Patrick Underwood – a federal officer killed in Oakland

        Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Stay safe, stay healthy!

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

  7. I like your post you have a point what does that situation have to do with Love by Tina citizens American citizens no doubt it happened in Minneapolis not in Anaheim California the cop is in jail being charged with manslaughter and first-degree murder or whatever that is so why are the merchants of Anaheim California in LA county punished because they own a business and idiots feel like throwing rocks and bottles and carrying on and burning up cars it’s just going to cost the taxpayers money so what get a life people and I like your post grow up you got balls go out tonight just because you can me and I’m going to stay home

    1. Psst…Your White Privilege is showing

      1. Psst.. wait, I don’t need to whisper. Listen up [email protected], there isn’t such a thing as white privilege or male privilege.. stop listening to CNN and use common sense. Moron.

        Again, please steer clear of foul language and personal insults. They only fuel anger, they do not advance a discussion.

        1. Your ignorance is showing. Pull your head out of your behind

  8. Will this affect the Farmers Market on Thursday?

  9. It is truly sad, that the people who are not protesting and demonstrating are being punished by staying home and not traveling anywhere. I don’t care what they are demonstrating. Law-abiding citizens should not be punished for the “needs” of other people.

    1. Psst…Your White Privilege is showing…

      1. Psst, not all BLM. Get used to it. Will never change. Shouldn’t change. IF ONLY IT WAS SO EASY TO NOT GET ARRESTED… oh wait, it is. Good riddance. Go look for a job.

      2. If we live by the Golden Rule treat others as you want to be treated and love your neighbor as you love yourself we would not have this problem

  10. Great message stay strong and keep us safe for this crazy stuff

  11. Of course the homeless are exempt, they can’t do anything wrong

    1. Either you’re stupid as can be or you’re extra sarcastic. I’m going to assume you’re stupid. By its very definition they are exempt as they would be out beyond curfew had they lumped them in with everyone else. Obviously they aren’t exempt from the zero-tolerance of violence and destructive acts.

      1. I wonder if all those in O.C. who were protesting California state government shutting down our beaches, think the same about the legality of cities enacting curfews in the context of civil unrest?

        Logically, if a person admits that cities do have the legal authority to enact curfews, then, certainly, that same legal logic applies to the states authority to close down beaches temporarily.

    2. Anahiem is a s#it hole anyway.

    3. And where are they supposed to go? They’re homeless. That means they don’t have a place to stay. I’m hoping you meant that to be sarcastic, in which case, disregard what I said. 🙂

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