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Traffic alert: Protest happening near Lakewood

The city is aware of a public protest happening today (Wednesday, June 3) at Heartwell Park in Long Beach. It is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. but crowds may be gathering sooner.

Carson St. between Clark and Palo Verde Ave. may experience slow traffic.

Law enforcement is aware of the protest and will be monitoring it closely, although the protest appears to be peaceful.

Lakewood residents may want to adjust their commuting to avoid traffic in the area.

This article was released by the City of Lakewood.


  1. Does anyone realize that there is a virus still going on ? So much for trying to get the virus under control. How can people be so stupid ?

  2. This is one of the best conversations I’ve seen online. It’s people honestly exchanging ideas. There needs to be less violence and more discussions AND it should include our leaders. They should be asking for input about both the problem and how best to solve it. Curfew? What do people think about it and best hours for it. See something? What about a hotline where it can be reported?

    1. Last year 9 African Americans died because of police..last year 19 caucasians died because of police

  3. It’s not about BLM. That’s what you turn this into. It’s a out all lives matter. This includes BLM, WLM, BLUE LM, or any other color. Its not right what we just witnessed. Or the other 1%, and that’s all it is, if that, on Cops beating or killing Black community. My point is if a Black Police officer beat or killed a white, or any other race, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. To the Looters, not protestors, I really hope someone steals all your property, and burns your homes or businesses to the ground so you can understand how it feels to destroy others property. To all that read this, take that to the bank!!

  4. We can take up a collection to have a truck-load of sand delivered to Jodi so she and others can plant their heads in it and continue in denial. Protestors and looters are two separate crowds. Two weeks ago there were other people protesting to open things up, well the protestors are trying to open the eyes and minds of the Jodi’s and the looters are trying to open the businesses, just for the wrong reason. Too many police watching the protestors and not enough hunting looters. Just look at Pine Ave in Long Beach

  5. That’s mainly what this protest is abt. No one wants to listen. Alrdy you are tired. We are tired also of the on going abuse and injustice. Deal with it, we have for more than 400 years.

    1. I was there in the Rodny King riot most of L Beach burned..
      1st right of the constitution is the right to Express your RIGHT to, own a firearm to PROTECT YOUR HOME
      Now its Police brutality with very successful organized destructive mass protests my point is WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THE SAME MISTAKE ..we r reaching out…??

  6. This “protesting” needs to stop. Peaceful doesn’t mean looting, rioting and exhibiting hate against another because of their color. There is no excuse for committing criminal acts against society specifically those living in upper middle class neighborhoods. They have the right to a peaceful existence as everyone else. These Antifa organizers are deligitimizing the reason why they ate there to begin with. There are other options besides the destruction of our society.

  7. Thank you for the update. Prayers for all the police and those who help protect our citizens. These are very difficult times for the people who just want to go on as normally as possible. May i suggest future protest of any kind have early hour limits. Hopefully, it can stop the violence, looting, smashing, burning, which we find very unmerited. ENOUGH, we get the point. Someone has to put an end to the madness! This is no longer about a violent death, but of pure reason to create havoc and ruin the livelihoods of countless innocent people!!

    1. Hello ma’am, my name is Jasmine and I’m an active protester. I can say with complete confidence that 99% of protests and protesters are peaceful, but there’s always going to be some people too angry to think straight. If you could take a few minutes to watch this video I think it would really help in understanding the situation. Thank you for your compassion.


      1. Rose. Take what you say and apply that to law enforcement. 99 percent of law enforcement are law abiding and protect the people. Yes that 1 percent is not good. So why hurt the 99 percent by burning cars and buildings and looting. Those are INNOCENT people!!! How is that JUSTICE!!!

      2. Ditto. 99percent law enforcement protect ALL people. In all fields you will have small percent that don’t abide by the law. Is it JUSTICE to loot, burn buildings and cars of innocent people!!! How is that JUSTICE!!!

      3. The people looting are not part of the cause . They are not for justice. They are taking advantage of the situation

    2. Thank you so much Rose! I totally agree with you! Plus I really don’t believe that our children should have to see this goin on! If you protesters are bored try getting a job to keep yourself busy instead of making a havoc in all these cities specially near my home! ALL LIVES MATTER

      1. Hi Jodi. I believe that children SHOULD see what is going on in our country. You can not shelter them forever. The sooner they learn about the negative aspects of the world, the sooner they can step up and make a change. It’s actually beautiful to see different people come together for one cause. As Jasmine stated, these protests are meant to be peaceful, but people will take advantage of the situation. People do not protest because they are bored and don’t have jobs. They protest for something they believe in, similar to how people protested over their belief that their freedoms were being taken away due to COVID19. And yes, all lives do matter. No one is saying that they don’t. The Black Lives Matter movement is not saying ONLY Black lives matter, but Black lives matter just as much as anyone else’s. There have been many analogies regarding this. Just like Jesus’s parable of the shepherd and the sheep, 1 was lost and the shepherd focused his attention on finding that one, even though there were 99 other sheep. Please open your heart and be compassionate towards others that may not look like you.


          Saying “all lives matter” is missing the point. Compassionate, earnest education is available for people who honestly don’t understand this.

        2. No matter how you say it , express it. She has made her own assumption. And I can speak through my son’s experience working before he quit Albertsons off Clark and del smo 45%Whit folks are racist in Lakewood and they stem from the ages of 55-89 yrs old.

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