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Orange County Sheriff’s statement on prohibited insignia

We are aware of photos and video regarding an Orange County Deputy Sheriff wearing patches on his uniform that are associated with extremist groups.

These symbols are not department-approved and are prohibited by policy, and contradict the values of the Sheriff’s Department.

First and foremost, thank you to the many members of the public who brought this to our attention.

“This deputy’s decision to wear these patches, and the implication of his association with an extremist group, is unacceptable and deeply concerning to me,” said Sheriff Don Barnes. “Any symbol can have multiple meanings and is open to interpretation, which is why wearing of non-approved symbols and patches is strictly prohibited. Instances like this can forge a wedge separating law enforcement from the community we serve, especially during these turbulent times.”

A core mission of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is to provide public safety services free from prejudice or favor and to listen to the concerns of the community we serve. The Department is conducting an internal investigation. In addition, we have re-briefed all employees regarding our uniform policy.

The article above was released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.


  1. People with ideas that conflict with yours are extremists? Interesting.
    But kneeling with looters, building burners and anarchists is fine.
    Did I miss something? I don’t recall either of these groups burning down 36 cities! But hard working business owners out of work and destroying families livelihoods; I may have missed that. Please enlighten me.

    1. Who said “people with ideas that conflict with yours are extremists”? No one, except for you. Not one person ever said that – and these groups are morons from the far right, just like the morons on the far left.
      Nice try there, mmkay boomer

      1. Joe,

        Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Flinging insults lowers the flinger to the level of monkeys throwing their own excrement, and makes the target angry. Please do not lower yourself to that level by attempting to advance an argument through insult.

        As someone who has — I’m just guessing here — put up with the nonsense and antics of Baby Boomers for decades longer that you have, I politely request the retirement of the phrase mmkay boomer.

        Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. Sheriff Barnes,
    Your sentiment, while respectful, clear and concise on uniform policy did not mention how antagonistic & irresponsible this officers actions were. You made excuses on how his display of patched can be misunderstood. This officer knew exactly the message he was sending. Step up and expect more from your officers. A public official ( police, fire, educators) are taken through extensive training and using good judgement and demonstrating leadership skills are expected. It’s how you are raised – not taught in many cases. This officer clearly needs to go. When he showed up for work “ out of uniform” so to speak you & your officers should have noticed ! It should not have taken a civilian to point it out ! It wreaks of that cop mentality of “sticking together and saying nothing”. May sound extreme but this will grow and your deportment is suffering from many symptoms that are contagious ! Similar to the 3 who stood around and watched George die at the hands of a police partner. The officer in your case should have been suspended and stripped of an honorable uniform. He disgraced not only the uniform but put his fellow officers around our country at risk.
    Sheriff Barnes your actions toward this officer were weak and your men followed your example by not reporting.
    And you wonder why we have a problem in this country. Shame on you..

    1. Like myself maybe that officer has had enough of the looting and total disregard of rules. Question
      If Black Lives Matter then why did so many black lives tear down plywood to steal from Black Owners. If Black lives Matter then why is it ok for some of the Black lives steal from the stores that actually support the Black lives Matter movement? It’s not ok for any race to do what going on. Violence like this doesn’t bring us together. It only causes more anger fear and disrespect for those that choose to loot and cause damage. Sadly this behavior always happens after a tragedy like the one in MN. The death of George Floyd was horrendous. However that does not mean destroying cities over it. Let Mr. Floyd and those others who have died due to this horrific unrest RIP

      1. Who cares if he had “enough”? We’ve had enough of you and we don’t show up in uniform wearing patches that don’t belong on a uniform PER THE DEPARTMENTS OWN RULES, by the way, note that key part there.

        No one gives a sh!t about this guy having enough – we don’t care what his feelings are, they don’t matter just like no one cares that I prefer peanut butter to hot dogs.

        We care about looting, but not about some cop being a snowflake over his feelings and trying to wear some bullsh!t badges that his own department bans. So yeah, keep trying to find excuses.

        Editor’s note: this comment has been edited to lightly camouflage foul language. Please find a way to express yourself that avoids foul language.

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