Colonel Greg Raths (Ret.) endorsed by 9 of 10 mayors in California’s 45th Congressional District

Colonel Greg Raths, USMC (Ret.), a Mission Viejo Councilman, has received the endorsement of nine of the ten mayors in the 45th Congressional District. He is the Republican nominee for the House of Representatives against freshman incumbent Representative Katie Porter (D-Irvine), who is endorsed by none of the mayors in the 45th District. The district has a 2.4% Republican registration advantage.

The nine 45th District mayors endorsing Raths are:

  • Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu
  • Irvine Mayor Christina L. Shea
  • Laguna Hills Mayor Janine Heft
  • Lake Forest Mayor Neeki Moatazedi
  • Mission Viejo Mayor Brian Goodell
  • Orange Mayor Mark A. Murphy
  • Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor Brad McGirr
  • Tustin Mayor Dr. Allan Bernstein
  • Villa Park Mayor Robbie Pitts

“Our city was home to the El Toro Marine base that brought a young Marine named Greg Raths to Orange County. Greg’s dedication to our country as a combat veteran and to Orange County through his continued civic devotion as a regional leader make him the best candidate to represent us in Congress,” said Irvine Mayor Christina Shea, who leads the largest city in the district with 282,000 residents. “I am proud to endorse Greg Raths for Congress, and look forward to him becoming my Congressman.”

“As the mayor of a city neighboring Mission Viejo, I’ve always appreciated Greg’s thoughtful and respectful approach,” said Lake Forest Mayor Neeki Moatazedi, who leads the third-largest city in the district with 85,000 residents. “Greg’s common sense leadership, business experience, and military background provide him a unique understanding of the needs of our district. I endorse Greg Raths for Congress and will be excited to call him my Congressman.”

“Greg Raths is a champion of family values, a strong advocate for women, a successful business owner, a strong public servant, and a courageous combat veteran,” said Laguna Hills Mayor Janine Heft. “As a small business owner myself and the mayor of a neighboring city, I appreciate how considerate and courteous he is in working with us and the leadership he provides for Orange County. Greg Raths is the leader we need representing us in Congress, and I eagerly endorse him to be our next Congressman.”

“I own a restaurant in Mission Viejo, and Greg Raths had a small business in Anaheim. As a businessman and a City Councilman, Greg has proven that he understands the challenges facing our local businesses and our economy,” said Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu. “We’ve worked together to improve the local economy, and he’s a regional leader who’s worked with local leaders to help restore and grow our economy. I am pleased to endorse Greg Raths for Congress.”

“I am truly honored to receive the support and endorsements of our incredible local Mayors in the 45th Congressional District,” said Raths. “These local elected officials know their communities well, and I am eager to work with each of them to better represent the people of this district. I am thankful for their trust and confidence.”

Colonel Greg Raths, USMC (Ret.) is serving his second term on the Mission Viejo City Council and is the former Mayor of the district’s second largest city. A combat decorated fighter pilot, Greg flew 75 combat missions in Iraq, Kuwait, and Somalia flying the F/A-18 Hornet. He was later selected to serve in the prestigious White House Military Office as Chief of Staff. After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2004, he flew for Jet Blue Airways as a commercial airline pilot, and then went into business as president of an Orange County company. Greg currently serves as president of the Mission Viejo Rotary Club. He is the Vice Chairman of the Orange County Veterans Advisory Council.

Greg earned his master’s degree from National Defense University, bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University and Cal State Fullerton, and associate’s degrees from Saddleback College and Phoenix College. Greg moved to Orange County in 1977 when he was assigned to the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Married since 1982, Greg and Luci have three children and six grandchildren.

This article was released by Greg Raths for United States Congress.

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  1. Thank you for the insightful article regarding Republican congressional candidate Greg Raths. I am not alone with my thoughts that he would be a great representative of orange county which includes our strong family values and appreciation for all that he has done for our Country. I agree with Colonel Raths prior statements opposing orange county beach closures during coronavirus. Colonel Raths correctly pointed out that governor Newsom‘s decision to close our orange county beaches was wrong. This was backed by science which shows that sunlight and fresh air are very important to the proper functioning of the needs of the human body. Also the Department of Homeland Security suggested that heat, humidity and sunlight slow and even kill the coronavirus. I certainly trust the judgment of a commanding officer of a Marine Corps Fighter Squadron when it comes to ideas of leader ship and protection. Colonel Raths comes from a family history which has proudly served our Country. As a lifetime orange county resident, I am excited to see his leader ship abilities when elected to Congress in the near future

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