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Answer to a reader’s question about Los Alamitos and COVID-19

If you look over at the top of the righthand rail of this website, you will see a graphic that, when clicked on, will take you to statistics published by the Orange County Health Care Agency about local conditions related to COVID-19.

A reader of Orange County Breeze has been following those statistics and called us with a question: Los Alamitos is one of the smallest cities in the County. Why does Los Alamitos have so many cases?

With a population of 11,721, Los Alamitos is indeed one of the smallest cities in Orange County. Yet it is the unhappy host of 86 total cases of COVID-19.

In contrast, neighboring Seal Beach (population 25,073) has 26 total cases and Cypress (population 49,833) has 77 total cases.

That’s kind of scary, not only to residents of Los Alamitos but also to residents of neighboring communities.

I had my own guess, but to answer our reader’s question I asked the people in charge of the County’s emergency response to COVID-19.

Their answer:

Per Dr. Matt Zahn, Medical Director of our Communicable Disease Control Division, OC Health Care Agency includes counts of cases in nursing homes in each city’s overall count. A cluster of cases in nursing home [sic] in that city increased Los Alamitos’ count.

You might consider lighting a candle, burning some incense, saying a prayer — or whatever other form your faith allows — for the benefit of not only the residents of nursing homes locally but also their caregivers.