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Message from Buena Park Mayor Pro Tem Connor Traut

To the people of Buena Park,

“Thugs. Undesirables. Juveniles. Enough of those people. All just a bunch of criminals. They have ruined our once nice community. Blackface is fine entertainment. We do not need their culture. If we build that, it will just attract people we do not want here. They have no respect.”

These are some of the hateful characterizations that I have heard uttered by colleagues throughout my ten years in elected and appointed offices.

Systemic racism is real, and we each carry a duty to address this oppression. We must stand together as a community. We must show solidarity for Black lives.

At this moment, our nation is watching and listening. Yet another brutal murder of an unarmed Black man – George Floyd. We cannot be idle. We cannot be silent. We show compassion for the pain that our Black brothers and sisters feel. We try to understand the experience of being Black in America. We recognize that Black Lives Matter.

Together, we all share a role in mentoring our next generation, progressing mindsets for all generations now, and removing relic leadership bound by ideals that do not reflect who we are.

I pledge to call out racism in the moment it happens. I pledge to donate to legal defense funds that support the Black community. I pledge to use my elected office to change policies and practices that will support Black neighbors. I pledge to recruit Black leaders as candidates for elected and appointed offices. I pledge to continue listening and taking action.

Buena Park is growing, and I am proud of the people who are standing up to injustice. When we are silent, we are complicit. Now is your time to make your pledges, to listen – and to take action. We are all in this together.

This article was released by Connor Traut for Buena Park City Council.


  1. Lol, “removing relic leadership”. You have alot of courage because that basically describes your counterparts on the Buena Park City Council. And I’ve heard this before too “We do not need their culture. If we build that, it will just attract people we do not want here. They have no respect” from same.

    1. You are one these prejudice people who don’t care about lives only your own! This 2020. Not the 50’s. YOU are the problem!

  2. Why doesn’t Buena Park Mayor Pro Tem Connor Traut take a stand for his white privilege and step down from the Buena Park City Council and give the seat to a BLACK person?

    Kowtowing aricles like this will help to re-elect Donald Trump.

    1. Jeff H,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      For readers who do not know: Buena Park is a charter city (in contrast to a general law city) that adopted voting districts in 2016 (if I remember correctly). Its City Code is available online.

      Mayor Pro Tem Connor Traut might resign, but his seat on the Buena Park City Council would be not his private property to give to someone else. The remaining members of the Council would have to decide whether to appoint someone to serve out the rest of his term on the Council, or to call a special election to fill the empty seat (expensive), or leave the seat empty until the next general election (generally undesirable).

      Whoever and however the person is chosen, that new Council member must reside in the City Council District represented by Connor Traut.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  3. A crack in the fabric of our society , allows outside influence
    to capitalize on it , as a weakness , and start riots and looting.
    That’s one reason it must be addressed , plus hate, bigotry, racism are a disease , it starts in the home , it has to be taught , like in grade school saying big ears , looks weird , all negative remarks damage people , people need to learn that
    negativity aimed at other souls has an affect . So start teaching your kids to be respectful , and help make the nation a better place to live.

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