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Letter to the Editor from West Orange County Republican Women Federated

Dear Editor,

West Orange County Republican Women Federated members want to express our full support for President Trump and the men and women in uniform and law enforcement who are protecting us during these tumultuous times. There must be full accountability for the death of George Floyd, who his family says was a man of God and promoted peaceful demonstrations. Sadly, too many protests have morphed into violent riots resulting in the death of innocent people, massive looting and the destruction of stores, homes, cars and our nation’s landmarks. And tragically until today when the Floyd family attorney spoke no mention of this man’s work and views had been covered by our media. Thank you, President Trump, all those who serve to protect the United States of America and those that believe in the right of peaceful protests.

On behalf of our membership, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Nancy Hathcock
Proud President
West Orange County Republican Women Federated


  1. I believe that defunding the police is a dangerous idea , they didn”t call the wild west wild for nothing.

  2. Yes, we are praying for peace & for the looters and rioters to stop their criminal behavior. The blue state Democrats let Antifa run wild. Did anyone else notice that once Antifa was declared a terrorist group and the Feds vowed to find & prosecute those responsible for inciting mayhem & for delivering pallets of bricks to numerous cities — only then did these terrorists disappear into the woodwork? And finally things began to calm down.
    The liberal news media has been totally derelict in reporting the billions of dollars in destruction caused by these riots, not the mention the numerous deaths these terrorists caused.
    We are praying for our country.

    1. You forgot to call them Antifa Super Soldiers. They have been traveling by bus caravans in the middle of the night to stir up trouble in one place at a time, then move on in the middle of the night, to the next city.

      For Lucinda’s second rumor, that is explained too:

      Los Angeles: A video from Los Angeles posted on social media depicts what appear to be crates of rocks along the street in front of a Jewish center, Chabad of Sherman Oaks. The caption on the post asks, “Who is organizing all of these riots? Do you think this is really just a coincidence?”

      The center responded to the video, saying the crates — actually gabions, cages filled with rocks and used for civil engineering and landscaping — are security barriers that have been there for nearly a year. The center temporarily removed the rocks from the crates to alleviate concerns that they could be used to incite violence..

  3. Vera wrote that she is praying for peace. Want peace – get rid of Black Lives Matter. Let’s have ALL LIVES MATTER. If all lives did matter, the USA would be in much better shape.

  4. Praying for peace

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