Marketing and more: Thirty years in the future… June 13, 2050

The stage is decorated in the high school’s colors with two rows of teachers, students and guests seated near the podium. The principal walks to the center stage, motioning for everyone to take their seats. “Welcome students, family and guests. To start our commencement program, we are very pleased that 95-year-old Robin Itzler is our guest speaker on the 30th anniversary of the start of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Let’s have an enthusiastic round of applause for Mrs. Itzler.”

Slowly walking to the chair, Robin leans on an arm rest as she steadily sits down. Looking around the huge room she starts sharing her experiences from that turbulent time.

“Good morning and thank you for inviting me to speak at your 2050 graduation ceremony. The Wuhan Coronavirus started in early January 2020, when the United States economy was booming and the envy of the world thanks to President Donald Trump whose likeness was recently added to Mount Rushmore.

“Everything was going great in America until this highly contagious virus broke out in China. Rather than alert the world and contain the virus, the Communist dictatorship lied about what was happening and the World Health Organization supported China’s lies. President Trump immediately closed the United States to Chinese arrivals and that saved many American lives.

“By mid-March, Americans knew what they had to do. They ran to Costco to hoard toilet paper. Standing in line for hours, they grabbed any brand of toilet paper: two-ply, one-ply, no-ply. They also bought paper towels and gallons of sanitizers.

“In fact, here we are in 2050, and some families are still using toilet paper purchased 30 years ago!

“The virus was centered in certain cities, most run by Democrats. Soon much of the United States was on lockdown, which meant many companies had to lay off employees. Within weeks, we went from a booming economy with full employment to millions of Americans unemployed. Plus, we were low on toilet paper.

“One day, a masked robber went into a 7-Eleven and put a gun to the clerk’s head. The clerk handed him more than $300 in cash, but he didn’t take it. Instead the thief grabbed two packages of Charmin toilet paper and left in a waiting getaway car. That’s what it was like thirty years ago at the start of the pandemic.

“Fortunately, President Trump was leading the nation and doing everything possible to regain our physical and financial health. It would take hours to share all the details, but the president and his administration gave the American people confidence that the country would be successful.

“To make sure Americans completely understood what was happening, in the early days of the pandemic President Trump and members of his administration held daily press briefings. A sampling of questions asked by the liberal media:

  • Mr. President, is that really your hair color?
  • Mr. President, do you prefer Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?
  • Mr. President, can you make the air conditioning in this room higher?
  • Mr. President, if you could be any tree, what tree would you be?

“By mid-May Republican mayors and governors knew it was critical to restart the economy and balance the focus on health and economics. However, Democratic mayors and governors saw the Wuhan virus as their chance to destroy the United States and they dragged out the reopening. They insisted that churches and stores remain closed and often sent the police to arrest people sitting on beaches. When there were freedom rallies to reopen the state, governors demanded that everyone wear a mask and keep social distancing, something they rarely requested of rioters.

“Ah, the riots! There was a horrific incident in Minneapolis where a white police officer caused the death of a black man who was being arrested for passing counterfeit money. All Americans were upset about what happened because no one should be injured or killed while in police custody. There were peaceful protests. But often many (not all, of course) peaceful protests morphed into riots that resulted in the death of innocent people, massive looting and the destruction of stores, homes and cars as well as state and national landmarks. By the way, many of those innocent riot victims were blacks and other minorities.

“It was a terrifying time, but Americans saw the difference between Democrat led cities and states and those led by Republicans. They also saw how those same Democrat mayors and governors didn’t arrest anyone at the protests for not wearing masks or keeping social distance but were quick to arrest pastors and parishioners just a few weeks before. The virus also gave Americans a frightening taste of socialism with government deciding which businesses were essential, long lines at stores with empty shelves, churches closed and abortion clinics open.
“Finally, and SLOWLY, the United States returned to normal. States with Republican governors had an economic renaissance while blue states led by Democrats stayed depressed much longer. As history has repeatedly shown, when Americans are concerned about law and order issues, Republicans win elections. Donald Trump entered the re-election campaign with an astounding record of keeping campaign promises. Plus, the Democratic Party’s nominee Joe Biden was in the early stages of dementia, known to fondle women and children, had campaigned on a radical left agenda and had been in office for over 40 years with few accomplishments. Further, Biden admitted on film to using taxpayer money to extort the Ukrainian government over its investigation of his son’s “job.”

“With a strong get-out-the-vote President Trump was re-elected in 2020, Republicans kept the Senate and took back the House in that pivotal election.

“Well, my time is almost up so I am going to leave you with this thought. Throughout our nation’s history, God has guided a select few presidents during unimaginable challenging momentous events. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump. It would take hours to share all the outstanding things President Trump did during his eight years in office but guiding the country through the virus and the rioting tops my list. Tomorrow is June 14, a national holiday, when the nation celebrates President Trump’s birthday. I wish everyone at Donald J. Trump High School a wonderful day and congratulations to the Class of 2050. Thank you for allowing me to share this moment of history with you.”

Happy Birthday 2020

To send President Trump a birthday greeting:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Click here to send an email birthday greeting.

Photo of Robin Itzler (left) soliciting signatures for birthday cards to send to President Trump (right). Courtesy photo.
On Saturday, June 6, Robin Itzler joined fellow West Orange County Republican Women Federated members in Los Alamitos at a table set up for people to write a birthday card to President Trump, whose birthday is on June 14. In three hours, more than 175 birthday cards and notes were collected. Courtesy photo.


  1. Loved you column, you have added the humor so necessary through all of the tears and worry. Trump 2020, on to Victory.

  2. Another terrific column! I keep telling my friends that the Dems represent about 30% of the voters in this country. All it takes to whip them is for Republicans to show up at the polls, whether in person or by mail. We have four more brilliant years ahead of us with President Trump and I truly believe the best is yet to come.

    President Trump is planning to remove the blight the Democrat Party has placed on the American people. Younger people don’t ever remember a time in America when things were good for the people – but older Americans do. That is why we voted overwhelmingly for Trump – because he has been reiterating what our parents and grandparents said about what was wrong with American politics back before most of you were even born.

    Life used to be so much easier – to live, have a home and family, pay your bills and be at peace. This time can and will come again, but this is something for which we will all need to work. Go, Trump!

    1. Made me tear up Robin. The Mount Rushmore part was particularly pertinent as was the mention of The Donalsd Trump highschool. Loved it mate. God Bless Malcolm Make sure you invite me to the 2050 graduation. I’ll pick you up and drive you there cos I will still be young. A spritely 93 LOL.

  3. Mr. Zawolkow – what is even more chilling is SOCIALISTS taking over America. I do not believe this country could ever turn back if the Democrats get a hold of it at this time in history.
    Just look at every large Democrat city. They are ALL verging on disaster yet they are turning more left than ever. Mr. Trump’s personality may not be palatable to some but at least he knows how to fix an economy. The Democrats will tank us with more & more taxes and more political correctness, which is a disaster by its very nature.

  4. Enjoyed the article. While I am not a big fan of Prez Trump’s style, I am a big fan of LAW AND ORDER. This is why I will be voting for Trump in November.

  5. Your sense of humor shows through. However, the real potential of four more Trump years is chilling to the core

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