Judicial Watch leading the fight against government corruption

I cannot remember a time when Judicial Watch has been more involved in so many important investigations and federal lawsuits against government corruption and unlawful secrecy.

That’s why I hope you will join our fight by making your best contribution to Judicial Watch right now!

Our investigative and legal work continues to be indispensable fighting to hold out-of-control and corrupt government officials accountable. In fact:

We just sued Pennsylvania and three of its largest counties (Bucks, Chester and Delaware) over their failure to follow National Voter Registration Act and clean their voter rolls. This Pennsylvania action follows on the heels of a similar lawsuit we filed against North Carolina and three of its largest counties. “Dirty” voter rolls are open invitations to voter fraud, and no organization in the country (including the U.S. Department of Justice) is as effective as Judicial Watch holding states and counties accountable under federal election law!

We are also litigating in California over “open borders” Governor Gavin Newsom’s initiative to provide $75 million in taxpayer cash benefits to illegal aliens in the Golden State. We’re fighting the governor’s move because he overstepped his authority and acted without legislative approval. One more outrageous example of a radical liberal politician “weaponizing” the coronavirus epidemic to achieve Leftist policy goals without voter approval.

In April, a Judicial Watch lawsuit forced the release of documents confirming extensive communications between Washington Post reporter David Ignatius and James Baker, a senior Pentagon official who may be behind the leaks about General Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Targeting Flynn during the presidential transition was a key part of the Obamagate coup against President Trump. As a result of public and legal pressure by Judicial Watch, shocking disclosures about Obama’s targeting and abuse of General Flynn also became public. In May, the Justice Department dropped its case against Flynn.

We just sued to produce former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails from a Google account. Our subpoena was authorized by a Washington, D.C. federal court, and it represents another important step forward to overcome Deep State cover-up tactics and get to the full and complete truth about Hillary Clinton’s illicit email system.

I am proud of our investigators and attorneys fighting on all these fronts and truly hope you will join our fight by making your best contribution to Judicial Watch right now. Thank you!


Thomas Fitton
Judicial Watch