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Letter to the Editor: Seal Beach Republican Women support Seal Beach Police Department

Dear Editor,

Like all Americans I was appalled watching the video of George Floyd being held down by the police officer following his arrest for using counterfeit money. In those first few days following this horrific incident, Americans were unified in their determination that no one should ever be hurt or killed while in police custody.

There is always room for improvement, including law enforcement. However, the ludicrous calls by Democrats to “defund the police,” makes the November election a choice between anarchy and stability. Think about it: someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, who are you going to call? Antifa? Black Lives Matters? Social workers?

Seal Beach Republican Women Federated supports our outstanding men and women in law enforcement, especially the Seal Beach Police Department. The club is growing and has several former Democrats who wonder what happened to the party of JFK. Seal Beach is a wonderful and unique community. Imagine if we suffered as some other cities have when peaceful protests morphed into violent looting. If you want stability and believe in law and order, join us this exciting election year as we work to Keep America Great!


Bibi Mesmer
Seal Beach Republican Women Federated


  1. I support the police & am tired of the rioting & looting. There are constructive ways to resolve issues in law enforcement. Thank you to the police for keeping The community safe.

    1. I am in complete agreement — we should be tired of the riots and looting, but we should be OUTRAGED with an cold blood officer killing a black man in 2020. The officer didn’t just hold down George Floy as the SB Republican Woman would like you to believe — he was killed by a peace officer for a fake twenty dollar bill that could have been easily in one of our wallets. The way to resolve this issue is for us to first recognize white privilege and to hold our law enforcement agency accountable.

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