Michelle Steel

California’s Crime Survivors PAC endorses Michelle Steel for Congress

Crime Survivors PAC announced their endorsement for Supervisor Michelle Steel as she seeks to represent California’s 48th congressional district. Crime Survivors is a political organization focused on electing leaders to public office who stand up for crime victims and hold criminals accountable. The organization backs candidates who always put the needs of survivors first.

Patricia Wenskunas, Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors PAC states, “Time and time again, Michelle Steel has proven herself to be a fervent defender of public safety, which is why I am proud to support her campaign for California’s 48th congressional district. From volunteering at a local emergency shelter dedicated to saving runaway children, to opposing dangerous policies that let criminals back onto our streets, Steel has a track record of going above and beyond to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Steel is also vocally standing up against recent mandates that render child abusers eligible for $0 bail. I have no doubt that Michelle Steel will continue to put crime survivors first as our next Congresswoman.”

Michelle Steel has been a vocal critic of the state’s $0 bail and recently called for it to be stopped following reports that child abusers are eligible for release under the program amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.