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Centralia Elementary School District trustees pass resolution supporting Black Lives Matter

At its regularly scheduled meeting of June 10, 2020, the Centralia Board of Education unanimously passed Resolution No. 1634 “Centralia Elementary School District Board of Education Proclaims a Celebration of Diversity Including the Affirmation that Black Lives Matter.”

Among other affirmations, the resolution gives support for Black Lives Matter and affirms that this support does not diminish the focus on all students but highlights the unique and historical needs of African-American students. Schools are a place of learning and socialization, and as such, the Centralia Elementary School District, through this resolution, commits to create a space to inform and engage students, families, and staff, along with the community-at-large on the matter of social equity. The District commits to evaluate, learn and promote educational and social structures that face implicit bias, teach social justice and develop long lasting equity practices.

“By passing this resolution, the Board affirms their support to our Black communities, particularly during this painful time. The passage of this resolution indicates a resolve to be engaged as participants in this national conversation. It sends a strong message that racism and its legacy of trauma must be acknowledged,” said Superintendent Norma E. Martinez.

After signing the resolution, Board Clerk Ian J. Macdonald, shared that, “We are committed to turning the intergenerational trauma, suffering and frustration in our Black communities into actionable steps to educate, empower and uplift during these difficult times. It is our duty as educators to cultivate a more just and equitable community and society for our children. This resolution demonstrates our determination to do more, to do different and to reinforce equity as a top priority.”

The complete language of Resolution 1634 can be found on the District’s website at www.cesd.us.


CESD serves approximately 4,200 students from preschool to grade six on eight school campuses, in the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park and La Palma. In 2019, CESD was identified as one of 156 Positive Outlier districts in California that has excelled at supporting the learning of students of color and students from low-income families. In 2020, CESD had the highest scoring elementary school in Orange County in English Language Arts and the highest performing school in the City of Buena Park.

All CESD schools have received awards from the California PBIS Coalition for Platinum or Gold level status in promoting positive behaviors and school supports. Five schools have been recognized in 2020 as Civic Learning Schools, with San Marino School earning an Award of Distinction.

In addition to its outstanding students and an excellent staff, CESD has a very strong partnership with community organizations such as the Centralia Education Foundation, PTAs/PTSO, Tiger Woods Learning Foundation, the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park and La Palma, and other local organizations and businesses.

More information about CESD is available at www.cesd.us. Follow us on social media- Facebook @cesd.us and on Twitter @CentraliaSup.

This article was released by Centralia Elementary School District.

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  1. This is DISGUSTING!!! Centralia Elementary School District supports racism because if one group of lives matter, that means the other lives don’t matter as much. What about brown lives? Yellow lives? White lives?

    The United States is sinking into civil war when an educational body supports an organization that loots, riots and burns to get its way. Here’s an idea: ALL LIVES MATTER.

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