Rep. Cisneros praises historic SCOTUS decision protecting LGBTQ+ workers

Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) praised the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ employees from workplace discrimination.

“Today’s decision is a historic win for LGBTQ+ rights. No one should be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love. While this is a cause to celebrate, our work toward full equality is far from over. I strongly urge the Senate to pass H.R. 5, the Equality Act, to ensure that LGBTQ+ people are guaranteed equal protection under the law. Discrimination has no place in our country,” said Rep. Cisneros.

Rep. Cisneros has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ equality, most recently in his opposition to the President’s transgender service member ban. He spoke in support of H.R. 124, a resolution expressing opposition to the transgender ban, and spoke at a rally calling on the President to not move forward with this policy. Rep. Cisneros is an original cosponsor of the Equality Act, and the bill will now be referred to the Senate.

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr.