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Lou Correa, House Judiciary Committee passes landmark police reform legislation

Congressman Lou Correa joined his colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee in passing the Justice In Policing Act. This landmark legislation works to rebuild trust between police departments and the communities they serve by improving police training, collecting better data on police misconduct, and increasing police accountability.

Rep. Correa said, “I am proud to join my colleagues in passing the Justice In Policing Act. This legislation will help communities and law enforcement begin rebuilding trust by improving training and holding problem officers accountable. After the senseless murder of George Floyd and so many others, we must take bold steps to ensure that public safety works for all Americans. The vast majority of public officers are good and are there to protect and to serve. No one should fear the police. Let’s let the good officers continue to do their job and eliminate the bad police officers.

“As a citizen and an elected official, I have worked with public safety to earn mutual trust in our neighborhoods. We depend on our local law enforcement professionals to keep us safe. We cannot permit a few individuals who are not qualified to wear a badge, to destroy our years of hard work.

“This legislation helps address this problem head-on and gives police officers the tools they need to protect and serve their communities. This is a commonsense path forward all Americans can be proud to support.”

BACKGROUND: The Justice In Policing Act addresses the historical lack of accountability faced by problematic police officers and the departments that employ them. This bill addresses several key elements to improve education, transparency, and accountability to ensure communities can once again have faith in their police officers.

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Lou Correa.

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  1. Congressman Lou Correa and his socialist (aka Democrat) colleagues can title this bill anything they want, but to most Americans it is the DEMOCRAT DEFUND THE POLICE bill. Americans are terrified watching the anarchy, rioting, looting, taking over city streets, toppling statues of our Founding Fathers and destroying monuments dedicated to our military. They want MORE SUPPORT FOR THE POLICE. The Democrats are so ignorant that they probably don’t realize how they are helping to re-elect President Trump. As a Trump supporter, that’s fine with me.

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