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Letter to the Editor: All Lives Matter

I want to thank the Orange County Breeze for the outstanding job you do bringing local news and information to the community. What happens across the street is just as important as what happens across the state and country.

If you had told me a few months ago that one group’s life matters more than another and that educators (such as Los Alamitos Unified School District) would kowtow toward that one group, which means putting other groups on a lower pedestal, I would have never believed it. Especially when some members of that elevated group riot, loot and burn cities rather than peacefully protest and demand change at the ballot box. I fully support peaceful protests.

One of the best ways to bring people together is for everyone to have an economic stake in their community. This is why I will be voting to re-elect President Trump.

As a Christian, I have always treated everyone fairly without regard for our differences (race, religion, gender, sexual orientation). If I had to give that thinking a name it would be All Lives Matter.

Diane Rush


  1. Letter is excellent but is pretty much negated by the vote for untruthful, dishonest, divisive Donald Trump

  2. The protesters just want to tear it all down , brain washed
    That’s why I will be voting for Trump.

  3. Equality means ALL LIVES MATTER. Great letter.

  4. Equality really does feel like oppression to the privileged…

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