Senator Chang co-authors legislation to eliminate carotid artery restraint

Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) co-authored AB 1196, a bipartisan bill that creates a uniform statewide policy on carotid restraints by making it illegal to use this method to forcibly detain a suspect.

“I want police officers to be able to defend themselves in physical altercations, however we have seen that neck restraints have the potential to go wrong, sometimes proving fatal,” said Senator Chang. “This bill will help ensure that improperly applied chokeholds and carotid artery restraints will not be administered to Californians.”

The carotid restraint is designed to render subjects unconscious, but can go wrong in two main ways: either when improperly applied or when a subject’s physical disposition makes the hold dangerous or lethal. The Cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, among others, have suspended the use carotid restraints.

AB 1196 is now awaiting a hearing before the California State Senate.

This article was released by the Office of Senator Ling Ling Chang.