In-person property tax payments accepted starting today

Taxpayers can start making in-person property tax payments by cash, check or credit/debit card starting June 22 at the County’s Service Center. COVID-19 restrictions will be in place including physical distancing measures limiting the number of people allowed inside the County Service Center with the overflow outside in a shaded area. All staff assisting customers will be separated by see-through guards and will be wearing masks.

“COVID-19 has been devastating for property tax owners,” Treasurer Shari Freidenrich said. “It’s the right thing to do to cancel penalties for all taxpayers who were unable to pay by April 10 due to COVID-19 and who pay by June 30. Implementing this policy to accept these COVID-19 cancellation requests for all taxpayers up to June 30 has essentially delayed the payment of property taxes for over two months and allowed taxpayers to apply for government programs that may have brought them much needed cash.”

In addition, Treasurer Freidenrich is requesting that taxpayers impacted by COVID-19 submit their COVID-19 penalty cancellation request forms by June 30 and include a check for base taxes to ensure that their penalties are cancelled. Submittals can be mailed, dropped off at the Treasurer’s depository payment drop box located at 601 N. Ross St. or in-person at the County Service Center between June 22 and June 30.

The second installment of property taxes was due on April 10, but all property owners with a COVID-19 hardship have until June 30 to pay just their base property taxes and submit the required COVID-19 form. Some limited exceptions by law will be allowed after the June 30 due date. For taxpayers who do not meet the limited exceptions, payment of delinquent property taxes will include a 10 percent penalty, a $23 delinquent charge and interest charges of 18 percent annually that start accruing on July 1.

To further assist taxpayers during this time of financial crisis, Treasurer Freidenrich has implemented a Financial Tip of the Week to help taxpayers protect their monies. Taxpayers can sign up to receive these tips by text or email at These tips are on a Financial Resource webpage that includes other financial information dealing with a variety of topics such as COVID-19 help for seniors. Go to

This article was released by the Office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector.