Michelle Steel

Steel: Rouda should apologize, explain attending racist anti-Vietnamese immigrant parties

Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and Republican candidate for CA-48, today called on Congressman Harley Rouda to apologize to the Orange County Vietnamese community and also explain his attendance at racist “Mekong Delta” frat parties while in college.

“Harley Rouda owes an apology and explanation as to why he would condone and attend racist parties that denigrated our Vietnamese families,” Steel said. “I know first-hand the struggles immigrants in our country face when coming to America – parties like these perpetuate stereotypes and racism that we work every day to stop.”

According to the California Globe, “Rep. Harley Rouda’s calls to end systemic racism in the United States, and his aggressive push to court veterans and Orange County’s Vietnamese community might appear disingenuous after photos surfaced of Rouda’s college fraternity hosting “Mekong Delta” parties during Rouda’s time in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at the University of Kentucky….The Delta Tau Delta fraternity party “Mekong Delta” refers to the Mekong River Delta, over 15,000 square miles in Southwestern Vietnam where towns were ravaged and hundreds of thousands died during the Vietnam War…The photos shown below were all taken during the University of Kentucky’s Delta Tau Delta’s Mekong Delta parties held between 1980-1984, and were found on the alumni chapter Facebook page.”

As Orange County Board Chairwoman, Steel recently introduced and passed a resolution promoting tolerance and compassion. According to the Globe, Rouda has refused to comment.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. I agree with Dale P.

  2. I support your opinion.

  3. Michelle Steel was the divisive force and antagonist along with fellow Supervisor Don Wagner against the hard work of the county health department by promoting criticism that resulted in death threats being made against the Chief Health Officer who resigned. Sorry Michelle, you are stuck with a rise in Covid-19 cases in our county partially due to your ignorance over masks. Your opponent may have attended a toga party thirty years ago, but you are stuck today with the stupidity and inaction of fellow Republicans everywhere along with their Chief Unhealthy Officer, President Trump.

    1. Michelle has facts, you, wanna be facts . She wins

      1. Your attack on Supervisor Steel is pure bigotry delivered as you wear the robe of prejudice and racism.
        The defense of bureaucracy shows you approach life from a pro-Stalinist viewpoint. Therefore, you would be more comfortable moving to Cuba. Do so and leave decent people here to live in peace and prosperity

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