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Room with a View: California Democrats refuse the budget burden

California’s Democrat-dominated State government has acted swiftly in the face of the horrific economic carnage caused by COVID-19. Squarely facing the prospect of never-before-seen shortfalls in State revenue, they have forthrightly connived to blame the United States Senate and President Donald Trump for delaying approval of the HEROES Act, glued together by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives as a follow-up to the CARES Act.


If Mitch McConnell and that Trump feller don’t knuckle under, the very most cutest kiddies and old folks in California are gonna be photogenic road pizza for the genrul election.

The federal revenoors have till October to git sumthin done.

Now git on it, Mitch.

Elsewise, we’ll beat the tarnation out of yer in speechifying and tweetering leadin up ta the genrul election.

This budget is a shining example of refusal to take responsibility for prudential governing and in laying the blame on opponents.