Los Alamitos Medical Center updates visitor policy

Los Alamitos Medical Center announced today that it is modifying the previously implemented no visitor policy.

To provide patients and their loved ones peace of mind, Los Alamitos Medical Center will begin to relax visitor restrictions while keeping safety the top priority for all patients and staff. It is widely accepted that visitors are an essential part of patient care and recovery. The hospital remains committed to providing optimal care for its patients.

Due to COVID-19, Los Alamitos Medical Center took steps to limit visitors for the health and safety of its patients and staff. With extensive planning done to manage this infectious disease and the ability to safely provide for an influx of patients should the need occur, Los Alamitos Medical Center is phasing in some limited visitation for patients. This comes shortly after the hospital resumed elective care with extensive safety measures in place.

“Our safety standards were developed with key principles in mind to maximize safety – maintain vigilance of all potential risks, separate care pathways and take a multi-factor approach,” said Kent Clayton, CEO of Los Alamitos Medical Center. “I am proud of the work our team has done to quickly implement and optimize these standards to provide care for patients in the safest environment possible.”

Effective immediately, the following will be in place:

  • We will be taking a phased approach, starting with expanding to one visitor for each pre- operative patient beyond their caregivers, with the exception of positive COVID-19 patients, those under investigation for COVID-19 and behavioral health patients.
  • Visitors will wait in a designated COVID SAFE area
  • Visitation for end of life patients will be managed on a case-by-case basis

All visitors will be screened for fever and respiratory symptoms upon entry, provided a mask and asked to perform hand hygiene. The mask should be worn at all times while in the facility.

Designated waiting areas allow physical distancing for designated visitors and include additional cleaning protocols. Any visitor not meeting screening criteria will not be permitted to enter the hospital. All approved visitors are requested to stay in the patient room and not congregate in common areas.

“Our safety standards will help patients confidently seek care at our hospital and allow our community to be less worried for loved ones. We are providing the reassurance that our patients, staff and their families deserve,” Clayton added.

This article was released by Los Alamitos Medical Center.