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Three professional fireworks shows in Lakewood

With the passage of Measure L, the City of Lakewood was financially prepared to bring back the Civic Center Block Party this year.

However, coronavirus precautions against large public gatherings now prevent the Block Party from happening in 2020.

“The city worked hard to find some kind of alternative to help Lakewood residents safely enjoy the start of summer, the spirit of the Civic Center Block Party, and Independence Day…and to do so together as a community,” said Mayor Todd Rogers.

Here’s what the city has crafted.

Lakewood is arranging for an extravaganza of three aerial fireworks shows to be displayed in different parts of the city at the same time so that as many residents as possible can view a top-notch professional and safe fireworks show from their front yard or nearby. The shows will occur at the same time throughout Lakewood, starting at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 3.

The locations will be at:

  • Holmes Elementary School in western Lakewood
  • Lakewood High School in central Lakewood
  • Artesia High School in eastern Lakewood

Please do not congregate at those locations in order to prevent an unsafe coronavirus transmission situation. Onsite parking and seating will not be allowed. Instead, please try to see the aerial fireworks from your yard or neighborhood or a location a safe distance from a launch site. And remember to maintain social distancing from those outside your household whenever you locate.

Consider getting take-out food from a Lakewood restaurant to eat while enjoying the fireworks! They will appreciate your support…and you will appreciate their great food! Applebee’s in Lakewood is helping to sponsor the fireworks extravaganza. Check out their new “bundle meals” menu.

For residents unable to view the fireworks, CityTV will broadcast live coverage of the fireworks shows as seen from high on the roof of The Centre. Coverage will include patriotic music in the background. To see and hear that coverage of the fireworks shows, tune in the night of July 3, starting at 8:30 p.m. to CityTV on channel 31 of Spectrum or Frontier cable, Channel 99 on AT&T cable, or streaming live on your computer at www.lakewoodcity.org/CityTV.

This article was released by the City of Lakewood.


  1. Our nation needs a way to celebrate our Independence Day despite Covid-19 which has caused so much anxiety and uncertainty to everyone. A city celebration is a great way to observe our nation’s birth…in fact, our founders suggested we should celebrate with reverent and joyous activities. Since we are asked to curtail individual activities, why shouldn’t we enjoy a community celebration at an appropriate social distance for the times we are living in today? We are talking about one event a year!

    1. All the fireworks are on the west. Side of the city…good job!!!

      1. Governor Newson is the dumbest governor ever. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was better governor then this rejected

  2. Our poor pets are so scared when these illegal fireworks are discharged. Some of the explosions rattle our doors & windows. I just hope the animals that run off in fear are recovered safely.

    1. Me too. It’s outrageous. Out of control.

    2. Fix Long Beach is holding a microchip event on July 2nd. Look it up on Facebook. Whether your dog is chipped or not, write your phone number on the inside of its collar or make sure it has a dog tag with your phone number on it. These are available at Petco and other pet supply stores. I’m in Long Beach and the firecrackers and fireworks go off day and night. It’s obnoxious! My poor Penny!

  3. The residents of Lakewood have been bombarded with fireworks day and night for the last 5 weeks. There are so many more useful things that could be done with the money being wasted on yet more fireworks. We are in one of the worst public health and economic crises of our lifetime. Why isn’t the money spent to help residents who are unemployed, or missing school meal programs instead?

    1. AGREED❗

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