featured graphic for the California Department of Public Health during COVID-19

Orange County makes Governor’s list of COVID-19 watch counties

Along with neighboring Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, Orange County is included in Governor Gavin Newsom’s list of COVID-19 watch counties.

Of California’s 48 counties, 19 are getting a finger-wagging and screw-tightening.

Here is what the California Department of Public Health has to say about Orange County:

Orange (has variance) is experiencing an increase in hospitalization.

Drivers of this include:

  1. community transmission from gatherings,
  2. workplace transmission,
  3. outbreaks in non-medical congregate livings such as assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, etc.

Orange County’s key action steps to address concerns include:

  1. collaborating with cities and the business community to increase public messaging on the importance of social distancing, not gathering, and mandate face covering.
  2. increase testing sites and education outreach in communities where positive cases are high; and, aggressive targeted educational outreach to ethnic communities,
  3. working with hospital and health systems to monitor and understand hospitalizations and prepare for the surge,
  4. implementation of hospital criteria for shifting to Crisis Care Strategies (surge plan activations),
  5. prioritizing medical resource distribution to hospitals most burdened with COVID-19 patients.
  6. monitoring positivity rate among those tested to ensure that there isn’t a significant increase that may signal more community transmission,
  7. contracting with community-based organizations to provide outreach to specific ethnic groups; share messaging about face coverings and other prevention techniques along with the importance of testing; provide necessary supports for social determinant of health needs,
  8. providing infection prevention expertise to assist skilled nursing facilities and other congregate care facilities on infection control practices and proper use of PPE.

No public fireworks displays for you if you live in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, or San Bernardino County…

…unless you drive to Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, which will hold a public fireworks display that can’t be shut down by the State of California.