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2020-21 state budget plan finalized

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) was at the State’s Capitol on Friday with her colleagues from both the Assembly and the Senate. Last week, the Legislature passed a joint budget proposal which was a placeholder spending plan. Since then, the Governor, and the Legislature worked together to finalize details for the state’s budget.

“The economic outlook of our state looks much different now with the effects of COVID-19,” said Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva. “Our state budget has been a difficult process because we had to try to maintain as much of our key programs and infrastructure with less resources,” said Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva.

The most important goal was to minimize cuts to our most vulnerable populations: seniors, children, students, essential workers, and those who are homeless. This budget does this by:

  • Protecting core education programs for our K-12 schools and community colleges.
  • Protecting child care funding to ensure no children are cut from existing child and early learning care programs, and to increase access for essential workers.
  • Protecting key health and senior programs, including health care workforce support and IHSS.
  • Maintaining funding to continue efforts on improving the state’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

“We may not like all parts of the budget and understand that, due to the current pandemic and the economy, many will be affected,” said Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva. “Even though there were some differences between the Governor’s and the Legislative budget proposals, the key strength is that our values align when it comes to improving the lives of Californians and protecting our most vulnerable populations.”

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This article was released by the Office of Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.